[Trending Now] NOT SEEN ON TV: Sen. Trillanes Displays Insulting Behavior To Sen. Cayetano During The Senate Break Hearing!

September 15, yesterday, a hearing was held at the Senate about the witness brought by Senator Leila De Lima , who admits that he is pa...

September 15, yesterday, a hearing was held at the Senate about the witness brought by Senator Leila De Lima, who admits that he is part of the Davao Death Squad. The credibility of the witness was tested by the Senators. During the questioning of Sen. Cayetano, Sen. Trillanes transferred near Cayetano and cuts him off by asking Sen. De Lima, the Chairman of the hearing:

“I would just like to inquire if there is an unli  questioning for a… allotted for a non-member of the committee, Madam Chair.”

Then Sen. De Lima clarified that questioning by the Senate members, non-members or members of the committee that it should only take them up to 10 minutes only. She also said that she is not giving Sen. Cayetano the leeway. Then Sen. Trillanes then said,

“I believe we gave him more than an hour of leeway for a non-member that’s a luxury and now as a member, Madam Chair, can I assert my right as a member of the committee. Otherwise, we will, we might, I might move to declare Sen. Cayetano out of order for consuming the time of the committee of which he is not a member.”

After which saying his statement, he then declares Sen. Cayetano out of order because he is a non-member of the committee and moves to suspend. 

However, there is an off-cam moment that was uploaded on Community Newswatch PH at Facebook that captured Sen. Trillanes showing a rude behavior that made Sen. Cayetano furious. 

When Sen. Leila De Lima gave a 2-minute suspension, Sen. Trillanes was caught saying, “Hindi kita papo-pormahin,” to Cayetano. 

“Anong porma pinagsasabi mo?” Cayetano told Trillanes.

Cayetano then said to De Lima during the 2-minute break, “Sinasabihan niya ako na hindi niya ako papo-pormahin, eh sumasagot ako ng maayos.” 

De Lima, calming the situation told Cayetano, “Let’s not resort to this.”

“Mam, wala namang bastusan dito…” Cayetano to De Lima.

“Binoto ako ng tao dito di ba?” He said raising his voice to Trillanes. 

“Please, let’s not to this in front of them. “ De Lima butted in.

Cayetano then said to De Lima, “I will answer calmly… Ang problema sasabihan niya ako na hindi niya ako papapormahin…”

“Wala namang bastusan.” He added.

The man, recording the video was heard saying, “Lumabas na yan si Trillanes eh, bumalik lang… Obvious.” 

Moments after, Cayetano said that if they can resume. After which claimed, “Madam Chair, ang hinihiling ko lang po ay wag tayong magbastusan dito sa committee na ‘to.” 

“But before we recognize again Senator Alan Peter, that is why I have to butt in earlier and I’m so sorry, why I did that is because in proceedings like this, witnesses like the one we have now, find it really hard to appear in proceedings like this. No he is being, pressed to answer questions on a matter that it think he is sensitive about that because, maisasabi niya kung sino ang tumulong sa kaniya.” De Lima after resuming the hearing.

However, when Cayetano butts in to De Lima, Trillanes turned off the microphone of Cayetano.
“Madam Chair, very respectfully, it’s a different matter Madam.” Then De Lima permits Cayetano. 

“Madam Chair, may I just seat here and listen to you without being intimidated. Because my seatmate here is intimidating me… I am trying to ask questions, he told me here, ‘Hindi kita papopormahin.’ And then he tells me here, ‘Nabubuo ba pangarap mo? You are defending evil.’ Etcetera. So Madam Chair, Im trying to get to the bottom of this at kung totoo ang sinasabi, tatabihan niyo ako na i-ta-trash talk ako. Siguro naman bilang isang Senador, I never did that to any of my colleagues and I consider him as a friend. So this is just a point of order Madam Chair, I can move but can you make sure he does not follow me? I will listen to you if it takes you two hours, Madam Chair, you are the Chair I will follow. But I just want you to explain bakit mali yung premise niya kanina because I gave a privilege speech and if you look at item C of the agenda, it’s my privilege speech and it’s not true that I have been speaking for an hour because I started at 1:45, 12:45, and if you look, we are given the same leeway to any other Senator. So the Nation wants to know, nagsasabi ba siya ng totoo o hindi, I’m here to interpolate. So if Im not would be given a chance by the committee, uwi na ako. Hinihintay ako ng asawa ko eh. Oh ayan Mam oh, (pointing to Sen. Trillanes) sabi niya sana umuwi na ako.”

Source: TNP, YouTube


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