[Trending Now] Masseuse Or Pervert? This Guy's Massage Technique Involves Groping Women And Surprisingly People Are Divided!

Luo Dong , a masseuse from New York became controversial after his videos groping women's bre...

Luo Dong, a masseuse from New York became controversial after his videos groping women's breasts, genitals and butts claiming it was a special strategic massage went viral.

Dong roams around the city offering massages which he video film and uploads online.

Now that the video went viral, netizens are divided whether he is a real masseuse who provide legit massages that necessarily focuses on this body parts with no malice or just a pervert who found a way to grope women and get away with it.

Dong claims that the special massage intends to let the Qi flow freely in the body and the touching of women's chests and groins are essential.

Although one netizen commented on his Youtube video claiming it was a hoax and he was even banned.

"they banned him cause he didn’t understand that some of his ‘techniques’ are not orthodox and are or could be interpreted to be off limits. One of the subjects of one of his videos reported him because he inappropriately touched her in areas she did not consent to do. He comes off as a pervert and he is famous in NYC as the groping pervert chinese ‘masseuse’. This guy is a nut, a full blown kook. His ‘methods’ are really not even correct. He’s just some nut going around giving free gropes to whoever is naive enough to accept. Most of the people that receive the ‘massages’ leave grimacing, confused or perplexed," the netizen said.

However, some have defended Dong claiming that he even does it with men the same way indicating that his intentions aren't focused on perving over people through massages.

Source: TNP , Boredombash


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