[Trending Now] Man Robbed The $600 In The Social Security Money In The Bra Of The Old Lady. Thief Got What He Deserved!

On one fateful day, Maria Vasquez , a 93-year old woman who lives in a public housing in the outer city of New York , decided to come out ...

On one fateful day, Maria Vasquez, a 93-year old woman who lives in a public housing in the outer city of New York, decided to come out of her comfort zone and have one of her rare visits to outside. 
Accompanied by her caretaker, they went to a bank in East Harlem and stopped their to get some cash over. 

This was so she can get a new pair of comfortable shoes at a store called “Regine’s”. 
Maria has survived three strokes in her lifetime, but never would she have imagined that she would endure something that was about to happen. 

The surveillance people were shocked when a long-haired man came swooping in out of nowhere, coming up to Maria and reached straight into her shirt. 
Maria’s money was kept in her bra, so it wouldn’t be able to be stolen from her, or so she thought. 
The man grabbed $600 of social security money and scratched her chest in the process. The robbery was swift and smooth. 

This money was for her bills and her food. As soon as Maria came back to her senses, she screamed for help – but the thief had already gotten away. 

Word spread like wildfire and the thief was dubbed as “the worst person in New York”. So the police got down to business immediately. 

Two days later, the police tracked him down to his home. 
The 26-year old Brooklyn man dubbed as “the worst person in New York”, was charged with two counts of robbery, one count of grand larceny and one count of criminal possession of stolen property. But this doesn’t end the story with Maria.

The store owner then proceeded to give Maria the shoes she wanted plus returned the money she lost. 
Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York, New Jersey presented Maria with a check for $1,000 in donations. 
“You hear stories about people hurting people,” he said. “This is a story about people helping people, and it feels good.” 
But the generosity didn’t end there — a stranger set up an online fundraiser that raised $2,000 for Maria — more than triple its goal.
Maria says she’s overwhelmed by the show of love and kindness from strangers everywhere.

Source: TNP LittleThings


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