[Trending Now] KILIG MOMENTS:Marco Revealed The Reason Why Vivoree Is His Ideal Girl!

Marco Gallo aka 'Pilyo Bello ng Italy" who is a half-Filipino and half-Italian , has b...

Marco Gallo aka 'Pilyo Bello ng Italy" who is a half-Filipino and half-Italian, has been making rounds in the social media as he reveals his type of girl. He is currently inside the infamous Pinoy Big Brother house and has already clicked with Pinoy fans because of his charms and his Filipino heart despite growing up in Italy.

Recently, the girls and Edward cornered him with the questions about his type of girl. When asked about if he likes someone who is girly or a little bit boyish? Marco answered "a little bit boyish". When asked about tall or not so much? He answered not so much as he wants to be hugging her girl all the time. Finally, the girls drove to their point and asked Marco: "Vivoree or Kisses?" Marco, though hesitating at first, answered Vivoree

Marco admitted to 'Kuya' how much he admired Vivoree for her personality. He described him as "Makulit, hindi maarte, masaya lagi, cute siya pero di niya pinapakita." With this, they have been caught in the camera being very sweet. Marco is trying to sleep in Vivoree's shoulder.

Vivoree on the other hand, also admits that Marco is his closest guy inside the house. She admires her being 'makulit' yet being nice. 

Watch their sweet video below:

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN


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