[Trending Now] First Ever Filipino Indie Film To Win A Prestigious Award In Italy!

Starring actor John Lloyd Cruz and ABS - CBN President Charo Santos Concio , an indie film entitled " Ang Bababeng Humayo " (Th...

Starring actor John Lloyd Cruz and ABS-CBN President Charo Santos Concio, an indie film entitled "Ang Bababeng Humayo" (The Woman Who Left) made by director Lav Diaz, earned the top prize in the Venice Golden Lion during the Venice Film Festival held in Italy.

The film is about a school teacher plotting for revenge for her ex-boyfriend who framed her. It is a story of the human existence and absurdity and was shot in black and white.

Director Lav Diaz is a renowned director and one of his famous works were "Norte, Ang Hangganan ng Kasaysayan", "Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon, and the recent "Hele Sa Hiwagang Hinagpis" that ran for almost eight hours. This is Lav's trademark: long films that lasts longer that the usual movies in cinemas. 

"I want to dedicate this film to the Filipino people and their struggle, and humanity's struggle," the director quoted on his speech upon receiving the award.

Aside from the Golden Lion prize, which is the highest honor given by the Film Festival, "Ang Babaeng Humayo" also won the Best Foreign Language Film in the Sorriso Diverso Venezia 2016 awards.

Truly, Pinoy cinema is making its way up the international spotligsht.

Source: TNP,  Kickerdaily


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