[Trending Now] Filipinos Are Deemed To Be The Happiest Filipinos In The World! THESE Are The REASONS WHY!

 During disasters or tragic phenomenon, Filipinos are dubbed by other countries as the happiest people on Earth because despite of these ...

 During disasters or tragic phenomenon, Filipinos are dubbed by other countries as the happiest people on Earth because despite of these incidents, the Filipino people still manage to smile or laugh without traces of despair. A video was posted by Jollibee on their Facebook page that explains the reason behind the Filipinos' ability to show happiness no matter what happens. Here are some of the things on the list that will surely relate to your reason of smiling.
1.) We name our kids Jolly, Happy, Ligaya or even Mary Joy. 
-It is true that these names are very common in the Philippines. Mary Joy even owns the 5th spot on the list of the most common names according to National statistics Office.
2.) We like to smile a lot.
-Indeed! That is why during disasters, foreign people are amazed with how Filipinos still manage to smile even though their properties are devastated. ten minutes.com even published inspiring photos of Filipino Yolanda survivors and Rappler once made an article of Filipino humor persisting in times of disaster.
3.) When there's camera, we smile.
-Filipino people are considered as camera-lovers. They capture precious moments using their camera and forever keep them in their memories. More so, Filipino people also love taking selfies and in fact, according to Time.com, Makati City Philippines is the Selfie Capital of the World as it owned the #1 spot of the most number of selfie takers in the list of TIME.
4.) We like to have pun.
-Yes. Filipinos are quite witty in thinking and creating puns. Many eateries, restaurants, shops and many more have names derived from a fun pun. insights.looloo.com has their list of top 10 restaurants with clever names and Ang Kat Tea and Ken Afford are among the top 5.
5.) The streets are happy.
-you read right. The streets are happy because that are named after Filipino words such as Maligaya St. and Masaya St. which both means happy.
6.) Filipino jeepneys like to laugh.
-Jeepneys are laughing through honking. A jeepney driver can't help but to honk because of heavy traffic. Because of being a traffic congested city, Manila was dubbed by Waze to have the "worst traffic on Earth". Even so, jeepneys are still laughing.
7.) Philippines has a medicinal plant called tawa-tawa.
-Tawa-tawa plant was proven to be effective in curing dengue fever. The term "tawa-tawa" means "laugh-laugh" which just proves that in the Philippines, laughter in the best medicine.
8.) Christmas in the Philippines is the happiest of all.
-It is remarkable that the Philippines was dubbed to be the country which celebrates Christmas the longest as Filipinos start to become busy arranging Christmas decorations as early as September. Some Filipinos also liked to prepare their Christmas gifts months before the celebration. CNN dubbed Philippine Christmas as the "a long and lavish Christmas" and they published as article showing how Filipinos celebrate Christmas. Philippines is also the home for colorful Christmas paroles and singing Christmas lights.
9.) We love to dance and sing.
-Because of the presence of various talent shows in Philippine television and because of the various Filipino artists who became popular and famous around the world, it is undeniable that Filipinos are born to be talented. In fact, Philippines is the number 1 country with the most talented people in the list made by toptens.com. Filipinos are also known because of the dancing prisoners, the "Cebu Dancing Inmates".
10.) We like to eat and eat.
-Food probably is the most precious thing for the Filipinos. Every corner in the Philippines has a restaurant that is ready to serve the desires of many Filipino. Furthermore, Philippines is also known because of the hundred fiestas being celebrated every year.
11.) We like happy endings.
-Most of the movies and soap operas in the Philippine industry always show positive by ending the film happily. 

The things on the list truly prove that there are so many reasons for each and every Filipino to smile and be happy.

Source: TNP, Facebook


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