[Trending Now] Fil-Am Attorney defended Duterte over US President Obama. His Reasons Were Extraordinary!

Lawyer Adnan Alonto , North America coordinator for the Brotherhood for Duterte USA , defends President Rodrigo Duterte’s colorful and ...

Lawyer Adnan Alonto, North America coordinator for the Brotherhood for Duterte USA, defends President Rodrigo Duterte’s colorful and controversial comments to US President Barack Obama in San Bruno, California.

In an article in ABS-CBN News, Alonto said Duterte wants to emphasize the sovereignty of the country on its campaign on war against drugs.

“I think President Duterte just wanted to drive home the point that he will pursue an independent foreign policy for the Philippines,” Alonto said.

The comments of the President is just a small footnote in the years to come and the strategic interest with the allied country would still keep the two countries together, he added.

Alonto also criticized the media and their focus on Duterte’s choice of words instead of the content behind it.

 “He did not really, actually curse Obama but it was part of a narrative in answer to a hypothetical question if Obama was to raise the extrajudicial issue,” he said.

However, Alonto agreed that Duterte should really learn the diplomatic way of talking to other leaders, saying he should use a better choice of words.

But overall, he is proud of the Philippine leader and his statement.

 “The important thing in that statement was that he was really being emphatic about being a leader of a sovereign nation and that he would not be told how to run his country,” he said.

Alonto also said that Filipinos prefer honesty and truthful and that is why Duterte was trusted by the country.
"The thing about this president, the reason he has been able to go scot-free with all of those incidents is because people who know him, 91% of the Filipino people believe that he is an authentic person--he means what he says and says what he means," he said.

Duterte and Obama had a small talk over dinner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations yesterday. Before that, Duterte said he regret calling Obama a “son of a whore” that caused a meeting with the US presidents.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN


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