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As the song goes,  "Breaking up is hard to do." After the dramatic split, we all go through our own ways or processes of mov...

As the song goes, 

"Breaking up is hard to do."

After the dramatic split, we all go through our own ways or processes of moving on. However, in the end, here are the signs that would show on every man/woman who got over their exes:

1. You've deleted all pictures and texts that came from him/her. No regrets.

This is the the first leap for every one who tries to forget someone- erasing memories of them (as if its not all kept in their hearts). After some bitter reaction to the separation that had just occured, not seeing their faces or anything that resembles them would totally ease the pain, right?

And after some time, hey, you don't look for them anymore. You might even forgot it all happened at all.

2. You stopped stalking their social media accounts.

Nobody can deny that at the freshness of the breakup, you secretly look them up constantly on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You wanted to know where they are, what are they doing, how are they, those kind of things.

But that was then, this is now: no more. You just woke up and you haven't checked them in weeks. 

3. You bump into him/her in the street and it doesn't affect you.

Before, you have been dreading the day that you will meet again, now that you're not together anymore because God knows how awfully awkward that would be! What will you say? How will you act? Those were your anxious questions.

You've eventually got over that time and realized ain't nobody got time for that.

Suddenly, you saw each other, maybe in a common place. You say hi, he smiled. No strings attached, this time.

4. You don't cry at night. Atleast, for him/her.

Missing your ex is normal. All those late night calls, roadtrips, and memories you've shared once ended will totally rip your heart, we know. 

That didn't last long. 

You sleep well without a result of puffy and sore eyes in the morning. You breath happy air.

5. You see them dating someone. You feel glad for Ex.

Enough with the "i'm irreplacable" drama. Enough with the how can he/she find someone else and love again feelings.

You just found out your ex is seeing someone new. It surprised you that you feel a sudden relief and voila! You weren't bothered at all.

If it wasn't that awkward, you would have texted them saying, "hey I'm happy for you guys!".

All the sadness and drama will soon fade, I assure you.

And as the song goes, again:

"It'll all get better in time."


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