25 Make-Up Application Tips You’ve Got To Try To Believe

Makeup is many things to many people. For some, it’s a way to put their best face forward, to others it’s self expression, and even to some,...

Makeup is many things to many people. For some, it’s a way to put their best face forward, to others it’s self expression, and even to some, it gives them the ability to minimize their insecurities and walk out confidently into the world. One thing’s for sure though, it’s not “fake.” No one is trying to fool anyone into thinking their eyelids are really shimmery teal with gold flecks. Makeup is art we wear on our faces, and most cultures have some form of it. It’s been around since at least the time of Cleopatra, who lined her eyes with khol. Queen Elizabeth famously used white lead as face makeup to achieve a desired pale completion (we do not recommend). Whether you’re looking to increase your cosmetic skill set or have never worn makeup and do not fully appreciate the effort that goes into a full face routine, here’s a list of 25 Make-Up Application Tips You’ve Got To Try To Believe.


Using your hairdryer, heat your eyelash curler until it's just warm - WARM, NOT HOT - and gently curl your lashes; then top with mascara. You know how you use a hot iron to curl your hair? Same principle.


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Use red-orange lipstick to get rid of extra stubborn dark circles. This is basic color theory (a lot of makeup is, actually) that red and yellow cancel out blue. Use a light hand, and blend very well, then apply concealer / foundation as normal. This works particularly well on darker skin tones.


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Prep your skin! We all know we should exfoliate, cleanse then moisturize, but a primer takes your makeup to the next level. It applies better and lasts longer. Some high-end primers run upwards of $30, but one primer beauty gurus swear by? Nivea for men aftershave balm, which is about $6 at your local drugstore.


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If you're one of those people that gets mascara on your perfect eyeshadow when applying, use a spoon. Hold it under your bottom lashes or behind your top lashes, so your mascara wand hits the spoon, not your artwork. You're welcome.


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Lip balm, lip balm, lip balm. Apply it often, even when you aren't wearing makeup and particularly before bed. Why? Because it makes a smoother fuller lip. Other things that keep lips happy and full is being properly hydrated, so drink your water! When you go to apply your makeup, lipstick comes last. So before you start anything, apply a thin coat of lip balm and let it absorb into your lips; by the time you apply lipstick your pout will be soft and pretty. This helps your lipstick go on better and last longer.


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To make your eyes appear large and doll like, use a nude liner on your waterline. Black eyeliner is sexy but makes the eyes closed. Nude (or white if you're very fair) makes your eye look larger and more open.


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To make bright eyeshadows pop, use white shadow first. Preferably a cream shadow or shadow stick. NYX jumbo shadow pencil in Milk is internet-famous for this, and it runs about $5. If you want to try high-end make-up, Makeup Forever flash color pot in white works well too.


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Keep your concealer brush out until after you've finished your eyeliner or lipstick. You can "erase" a little bit of overzealous smudging or coloring outside the lines. Those beautiful dark lipsticks that have such a crisp line? That's because they've gone around their lipstick with concealer or a nude eyeliner.


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The easiest way to make sure your "wings" are even is to make a dot on either side of your face where you want your wing to end, and check to make sure the dots are even before you start making your wing. It's *much* easier to remove a tiny dot of eyeliner than it is to start your whole eye over again. And practice! No one gets winged eyeliner perfect on the first try. People who say they do are dirty dirty liars.


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Wash your makeup brushes regularly! This makes your makeup last longer and keeps your face clearer because there's less bacteria to spread around. Plus, clean brushes work better. If you're reading this, and you haven't washed your brushes in over a month, go wash them now (in warm water and a mild soap or shampoo). We'll wait.


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Match your foundation to your neck, not your face. Why? Because a little natural color difference between your face and neck becomes a LOT of color difference between a foundation painted face and your neck. Think about people you've seen wearing makeup lately; you know exactly what we're talking about.


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Use the right brush for your face! Not everyone has the same size or shaped face, so there's no one universal blush brush that fits all. A 5' tall petite woman and a 6'4'' man have different sized faces and cheekbones.


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Bronze your neck as well as your face. It warms up your complexion and does some nice, slimming, contouring. Remember that whole match your foundation to your neck thing? This is step two of that.


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To mimic the plump three dimensional look of lip gloss without the stickiness, gently pat some light/shimmer shadow in the middle of your bottom lip. Use a gentle hand, as this is easy to overdo. it's an optical illusion, the lighter color mimics light reflecting off of gloss.


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Apply your undereye concealer in a V shape under your eyes. Known as the Hollywood V, start at the outer corner of your eye, draw a v shape ending at your inner corner. The middle of your V should be under the middle of your eye. Then blend the concealer inwards and upwards. This corrects the whole area, helps you look awake, and minimizes the risk of having obvious white circles under your eyes.


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Looking for another concealer tip? Wait until you see number 5!


In a pinch, blush can be used on lids and lips too. Or even for a casual, youthful rosy glow that doesn't look overly made up. Pick a blush that goes well with your skin tone, paying careful attention to your undertones, and work that multitasker.


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To make your natural eye color pop, use shadow colors opposite your eye color. Opposite colors layered cancel each other out, opposite colors placed side by side make each other pop. So for blue eyes, things with orange undertones like peach, for green eyes things with red undertones like wine, and for brown, since brown is a neutral anything technically works, but for the majority of skin tones (fair or deep) blue and purple will be stand out. Want to make brown eyes pop even more? Use a navy blue liner and mascara. A subtle but amazing difference.


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Take off your makeup with coconut oil. This may seem a little crazy, but melt some solid coconut oil on the back of your hand, dip a cotton ball in it, and it will take off even the most stubborn all night liquid eyeliner. Or, nix the cotton ball, and use your fingers to VERY GENTLY rub the oil on your lids, then wash your face as usual. Coconut oil is cheap, good for you, will moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes, and you probably already have it in your house.


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If you need your blush to stay put all day (and this is usually the first thing that fades) layer a cream or gel formula under your powder. Like with other types of makeup, the powder sets the gel, and you're going to have to actually wash your face to get it off (which you should do before bed anyway) because it'll stay all day or night.


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For soft and smudge-able eyeliner, light it on fire. No, really, hold any khol eyeliner over a flame (bic or candle) for ONE SECOND, let cool for 15 seconds, and apply for soft smudgy eyeliner. This is an amazing tip for making cheap liners apply better.


Source: http://www.teen.com/ & authors grandmother who lived through the 60s. Image Source: http://ift.tt/2dr1bXS


Need a lighter weight foundation but don't have time or funds to run to the store? Just mix a little concealer in with your moisturizer. Viola, tinted moisturizer. Perfect for casual makeup days or when your skin is clear and you just need a little evening out of color and tone.


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If you have really thin lashes, or just want really dramatic volume without the hassle of fake lashes, apply a light coat of powder (baby powder, matte shadow, setting powder) to your lashes between your first and second coats of mascara.


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Set your waterline/under eye liner with powder to prevent the dreaded raccoon eye. It happens to all of us; your eyes look ahhhh mazing and sultry when you leave the house, and after being out a few hours your lower liner has moved south and you're more sexy raccoon. Just gently pat some shadow the same color as your liner on top of it to set, same as setting powder for foundation.


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We've all had days where we haven't gotten enough sleep or are dehydrated and just look tired. To instantly look more awake, dab a little white (or lighter than your skin tone) shadow on the inner corner of your eye. It doesn't have to be shimmery, just lighter. This makes the eye look more open and awake. Curl your lashes and pop on some mascara, hit the Starbucks drive through, and you're ready for whatever.


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Guys can wear makeup too! Straight, cisgenered males can wear makeup, and there's not a darn thing wrong with it. If you're just getting started, try concealing dark circles and evening out skin tone (concealer and or foundation and a setting powder) and some brown mascara to add some oomph to your eyes. Once you've got that down, you can master guyliner, filling in your beard, and contouring for seriously sexy cheekbones.


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