25 Fall Decorating Craft Ideas To Kick Off The Season

Can you smell it in the air? The cool air and pumpkin spice overload? Autumn is here! September is saying final farewell’s, and October is j...

Can you smell it in the air? The cool air and pumpkin spice overload? Autumn is here! September is saying final farewell’s, and October is just a few days away. It’s time to grab a hot beverage, spend just enough time on Pinterest to feel miserable about our crafting abilities, put on our favorite sweat pants, and start decorating. We’ve filtered through some decorating ideas (the easiest ones from Pinterest) for you and found some really cool and simple ideas to make your home feel like fall – even if you live in Florida, where it’s still 90 degrees outside. We’ve even included a few crafts that are very kid-friendly. Here are 25 Fall Decorating Craft Ideas To Kick Off The Season.


Metallic Pumpkins


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/2dB3d5I

Let’s start off this list with a very subtle yet still beautiful idea. Grab a few dollar store pumpkin trick or treat baskets and spray paint them a metallic gold or silver before stuffing them with your favorite fall flowers.


Wine Cork Pumpkin


Source: http://ift.tt/Nxfdog, Image:http://ift.tt/2aUgasA

Did someone say wine? Put the kids to bed, pop the cork, and…hey, speaking of corks, haven’t you been saving a bunch for a random craft you’ll “get around to one day”?

Here is your chance! This will make a very cute mantle piece. The bonus is that it’s so simple you can do it while still adding to your cork collection. (Probably. No promises. Just sip slowly.)


Cinnamon Stick Candles


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/SBNXql

Just when you thought it was all about pumpkins, here is another easy and great-looking idea to decorate for fall. You can create that autumn spirit just by adding cinnamon sticks and twine or ribbon to candles. It’s simple, and the effect is soothing.


DIY Fall Wreath


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1b6qOsg

Does anyone else find wreaths slightly intimidating? If you do, or if you just want to go for a different take on traditional wreaths, this is the craft for you. There are easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and pictures included as well.


Fall Owl Mason Jar


Image & Source: http://ift.tt/13jR5yX

How did any of us craft before Mason Jars? Despite their overuse, these Mason Jar owls are pretty darn cute!


Candy Corn Ombre Bottles


Source & Image: http://www.brit.co/

These Candy Corn Ombre Bottles are easier to make that they might seem. Add some real candy corn and other fall-themed items to your display, and you will be ready to wow anyone who sees your art! It’s kind of a nice break from pumpkin-everything, too.


Fall Banner With Book Page Leaves


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1aHZpwS

This is a cute, easy-to-make banner that you can string up pretty much anywhere and use all season, no matter which fall holiday you’re celebrating. The book pages give it a nice color contrast and texture.


Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1BAcOSn

This craft is simply amazing for two reasons. First, it’s an adorable craft you can complete with your kids. Second, there’s bubble wrap involved. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with bubble wrap?


Candy Corn Button Art


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/P6p8Ep

Some of us might have, or know someone who has, a huge collection of random buttons lying around. This is a great craft to make use of those buttons. If you don’t, you can improvise with a quick trip to your local craft store.


Fall Salt Dough Ornaments


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1u0BFv6

Here are several more kid-friendly craft ideas (all in one place) to help bring a lot of autumn awesomeness to your home. Most of them involve salt dough (3 ingredients), an oven, and paint.


If you’re looking for more adorable fall crafts for little hands, wait until you see number 5!


Halloween Wine Glasses


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/13jR5yX

These are a tiny bit more involved, but they will make a fantastic centerpiece if you plan to throw a Halloween party. There is also a link to make other wine-glass crafts and a link to purchase the wine glasses already made in the blogger’s Etsy shop if you’ve had enough crafting for the season.


Painted Pine Cones Hanging Decoration


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/2dB2f9g

If the previous idea was slightly more involved, it doesn’t get much simpler than this craft. Paint some pine cones in autumn colors and hang from a loop with ribbon. Hang it on your door, and viola! You will impress all your neighbors and guests with your ingenious craftsmanship. You don’t even need to tell them how easy it was.


Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1Jtybck

This craft serves not only as a chic tabletop decoration, but also as a game for entertainment. It takes a little bit of time to spray paint and let dry, but it’s totally worth it.


Candy Corn Tea Candles


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/2dB3fdQ

This sweet center piece mixes the bright colors of candy corn with the elegance of candlelight. It also comes from a blog that focuses on finding cheap ways to get things done, so this craft is guaranteed not to break the bank.


Looking for crafts that are a little spookier than candy corn? Check out 25 Scary DIY Halloween Decorations To Haunt Your Visitors.


Thanksgiving Chalk Tray


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1uEdg9z

Here is an beautiful idea for the host or hostess in all of us. There are a few more supplies that you’ll need, but the process is pretty simple, especially if you go the stencil route for the print.


Hanging Sunflowers (or other fall flowers of your choice)


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1qIQCO1

If you are more into fall flowers than pumpkins and colorful leaves, this craft decoration is a great option. All you’ll need is a Styrofoam ball, fake flowers sans stem, a hot glue gun, and string or twine to hang them.


Spooky Bat Lamp Shade


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1qIQCO1

Here’s a creative craft you could easily do in a short afternoon. Simply cut out fall shapes of your choice and use a glue dot or other removable adhesive to secure them to the inside of an opaque lampshade.


Glittery Witch Hats


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/2dB3o0D

Here is a fall craft you can use from now through Halloween. Do you have any left over paper plates and party hats from previous birthdays? If not, you can still hit up your local dollar store. Using paint and glitter and other simple embellishments, you can turn these party leftovers into an innovative Halloween decoration.


Upcycled (Halloween) Village Luminaries Craft


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1ljXeRP

This spooky craft is designed with Halloween in mind, but you could easily change up the colors and stencils to make it more generally fall themed. The great thing about this specific craft is that the stencils are provided for you for free.


Dryer Vent Pumpkin


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1m1fKyP

Spend enough time looking at craft blogs, and you start to realize that people can create ingenious cuteness out of pretty much anything. This creative piece of art is made out of dryer vent piping. It’s also pretty easy, which is a huge bonus to those of us not coming up with these ideas ourselves.


Color Matching Turkey Toddler Craft


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1UsDvOq

If your house needs a little more color and one more kid craft, this is a great craft if you have little hands that are learning their colors. If they are too little, there’s nothing wrong with mixing the colors; if they already have colors mastered, it’s still a fun activity.


Fall Window Accessory


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/2dB2a5H

This relatively simple craft is pegged as kid friendly, but it’s also something you can do with your friends and some hot cider. All you need is faux leaves, a needle, and clear thread. The hardest part is keeping the thread untangled as you set it up.


DIY Twig Letters


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1MX2aKl

This is a great idea to add some autumn inspiration to any decorative lettering you might want to do, whether it’s to spell out the word “fall” or the phrase “give thanks.” You could probably even add some pumpkin, turkey, or leaf embellishments.


Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/Jpq4Ao

There are countless crafts out there involving Mason Jars. What ever happens to all those lids?! If you’ve filled your house with Mason Jar crafts and have just thrown the lids in the junk drawer, it’s time to pull them out for this simple and cute pumpkin craft.


Fall Themed Apothecary Jars


Source & Image: http://ift.tt/1oMgurm

If you want something that doesn’t require glue guns, scissors, or paint, here is one final idea for the fall fantasy land that will soon be your home. Open jar, add fall elements; it’s really that simple. This blog has a few ides that will take you from autumn to winter as well.

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