[Trending Now] New Nation's Sweetheart: Kitty Duterte's Musical.ly Videos Go Viral!

Presidential Daughter , Veronica " Kitty " Duterte wasn't exempted from the spotli...

Presidential Daughter, Veronica "Kitty" Duterte wasn't exempted from the spotlight the Duterte family have come to after his father, Rodrigo Duterte won in the Presidential race on the last election with an overwhelming and record breaking 16 million votes.

The young Duterte was adored by the netizens as she effortlessly exudes the Duterte charisma that almost no Filipino can resist. She is now going viral as she lets out the performer within her in her Musical.ly videos. (Musical.ly is an app that lets users take videos with customized songs, filters, speed and awesome effects for 15 seconds.)

Looks like the 'Unofficial Queen of Musical.ly' Andrea Brillantes have a new competition to the title as Kitty Duterte takes the internet by storm with her awesome performance level! Watch her videos!

Source: TNP , PEP


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