25 Essential Pokemon GO Tips To Help You Be The Very Best

If you’ve been out in public or connected to Social Media at all in the last month, you’re aware that Pokémon Go is the game that everyone i...

If you’ve been out in public or connected to Social Media at all in the last month, you’re aware that Pokémon Go is the game that everyone is playing, and I mean everyone. (Someone’s Granny is in a gym battle with an elementary school child somewhere in the US, right now). This game is wonderful on many levels: adults who played the original Pokémon can now share the popularity with their children; people are going out and about more and making new friends; businesses are seeing business pick up from being PokéStops; and there are even reports of autistic children interacting more because of the game.

Whether you’re just getting on the Pokémon Go train, or you’re looking to start seriously leveling up, here are 25 Essential Pokemon GO Tips To Help You Be The Very Best.

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If you are stuck in a waiting room and want to play, you can use an Incense to draw Pokémon near you for the next 30 minutes.

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If there are no Pokémon nearby, try zooming out your map and looking for rustling leaves. These indicate where Pokémon will generally spawn. While this doesn’t promise there’s a Pokémon there, it does mean it’s a Pokémon friendly area of the map.


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In the bottom right hand corner of the map, there’s a nearby Pokémon icon. Tap this to bring up a list of all nearby Pokémon.

pokemon go map

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Have you noticed how Eevie evolves into one of three Pokemon (fFareon, Joltion, Vaporeon)? You can control which Pokemon Eevie evolves into by renaming it before you evolve it. Name it “Rainer” to get Vaporeon, name it “Sparky" to get Joltion, and name it “Pyro” to get Flareon.

EEVEE naming hack


You can get a bonus of 10 XP if you catch your Pokémon with a curveball. To do this, shake the Pokeball until it sparkles then throw it at the Pokémon you’re trying to catch.


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Double your XP from catching a Pokémon if a Lucky Egg item is in effect. These double any XP gained within 30 minutes of using them, including evolutions and hatching eggs. Plan wisely.

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Use a Lucky Egg in combination with a Lure to get some serious XP on your lunch break.


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Have ten Pidgeys (Rattatas, etc) and need space? Transfer them to the Professor. He’ll give you candy of that species so you can upgrade your remaining Pokémon. This results in fewer but more evolved Pokémon.


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Capture everything because every Pokémon turned into the Professor gets 1 candy for that species. More Pokémon, more candy, more evolution.


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Check every Pokémon’s skills before transferring. Even Pokémon of the same type may have different skills. This will help you decide which to keep and invest your sweet sweet candy in.


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There are 3 types of eggs you can hatch: 2km, (1.24 mi), 5km (3.11 mi), and 10km (6.21mi) eggs. Assuming each step is about 0.75m and the average walking speed is 5km/hr; a 2km egg will take you about 2,670 steps or 0.4 hrs; 5km egg will take 6,670 steps 0r 1hr; and a 10km egg will take you 13,300 steps or two hours.


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Look for Pokémon in their natural habitat. For instance, Water Pokémon will more likely be found in and around water, Ghost Pokémon in or near graveyards, and some players have reported Ghost Pokémon near hospitals.


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Turn off your camera. Having it on actually makes it harder to capture Pokémon, despite how fun it looks to see a Pokémon in “real life.” When you turn off your camera, you stop moving around when you move your phone.


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Use public transport to stock up on items. Keep your phone open, and start spinning a PokeStop before you get there so when you pass, you will be spinning it. Hit the X at the bottom to collect all the items at once instead of having to pop each bubble.


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You can pick Pikachu as your starter. At the beginning, if you don’t pick any of the first three or four options and you instead run away from them, you’ll see a Pikachu.


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If you’re going to buy something, buy Incubators. Eggs are a very important source of Stardust, XP, Candy and are one of your best chances for Rare Pokémon. The more eggs you hatch, the more chances you have to get the good stuff (like a 10km egg).

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You and a friend can hunt and catch the same Pokémon without one of you taking it from the other person.

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You can’t hatch your eggs in a car. There’s a speed limit for egg hatching, and it’s 10 MPH or lower. So if you want to hatch an egg, your morning commute probably won’t cut it, unless you walk or bike to work.

Car driving

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Distance is only counted in a straight line from point A to point B. So when you’re walking (biking, driving really slowly, etc) to hatch an egg, you may take turns and cover 20km distance, but the GPS tracking has a delay. Once it catches up, it is only going to count how far it is straight from point A to point B, so when hatching an egg, go straight.

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In order to catch higher CP Pokemons, use Razz berries to increase your capture chances. You can also use different types of pokeballs to further increase your capture chances (Great balls and Ultra balls). However, in our opinion, you should hold off on using Great and Ultra balls for rare type Pokemons.


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Nothing tracks when the app is asleep. Turning the app or your phone off resets your starting point.

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Pokemon Go consumers A LOT of battery (like A LOT). To save some of it, turn off the Assisted reality (AR), sound effects, and music. Leave vibration on in order to receive notifications of Pokemons when they appear on the map.

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Pidgey, Weedles, and Caterpies are the easiest to evolve as they only require 12 candies each, and you get three candies each time you catch one. Catch 4 Pidgeys, turn in 3 to the professor, and evolve the one you have left.


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Take a team to take down a gym. You can take up to six Pokémon into battle against a rival gym. Swipe out your team by tapping on the gym screen then tapping on the Pokémon you want in that slot.

Pokemon group 1

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Be safe; be respectful. Don’t Pokémon and drive, and do not trespass on private property as these are both dangerous and illegal in many states. Always be aware of your surroundings, avoiding areas that seem unsafe. Also, take care when crossing streets and remind younger players to do the same. While it should go without saying, never stop in traffic to capture a Pokémon. It should also be noted that it is considered disrespectful to play Pokémon Go during funerals in a graveyard (even if you aren’t in attendance) or National Memorials where people go to reflect and pay their respects.


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