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Short battery life of modern smartphones has long ago become a byword. Manufacturers seem to be fixated on making their devices thinner, an...

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Short battery life of modern smartphones has long ago become a byword. Manufacturers seem to be fixated on making their devices thinner, and battery capacity is one of the first things that gets sacrificed. There are dozens of ways to improve your battery life, and while most of them won’t make dramatic changes, their effects add up, so it is always helpful to read more tips on how to save battery charge.

1. Dim the Screen

One of the primary culprits is also the most mundane one. The worst consumer of your battery charge is none other than the display of your smartphone – when set to maximum brightness, it chews through your battery at a really alarming pace without your realizing what causes it. Most phones have a function that changes display brightness depending on how strong the ambient light is, which already improves energy efficiency when compared with the always running top-brightness mode. You can further improve it by manually setting brightness at the lowest tolerable level.

2. Shorten the Screen Timeout

In most cases, you need the screen to work for as long as you keep your phone in hands. Once you lay it down, it continues to shine in vain, eating up precious battery charge. Consider setting its timeout to a minimum, and then experiment to see which timeout is still comfortable while being shorter than you are used to.

3. Cancel Automatic Email Checks

If your phone constantly checks your mailbox for new messages, it wastes a considerable amount of energy. Do you really need these notifications that urgently, or can they wait a little bit? You may either cancel them altogether and only check for new emails manually (which is a good way to save your time as well), or set a more reasonable interval between checks, like 30 or 60 minutes. Most likely, it won’t drastically hamper your ability to react to events in time.

4. Turn off Vibration

If you regularly turn your phone to vibro (e.g., to prevent it from blaring at a full voice during an important meeting), consider changing your habits. The reason is simple – vibration eats up much more energy compared to playing a ringtone. It may not seem like much, but if you are constantly receiving calls when set to vibro, it adds up.

5. Use Black Wallpaper

If your phone has an AMOLED display, you may noticeably improve its battery life by opting for a black wallpaper. As a matter of fact, AMOLED displays only illuminate the colored pixels, which means that the more black or dark pixels are displayed, the less energy is being used.

6. Set a “Do not Disturb” Schedule

Most phones have a “Do not disturb” function or something similar that blocks incoming calls and turns off the Internet and Wi-Fi. In addition to eliminating a fair percentage of your daily distractions, this mode conserves battery charge, so if you have periods when you don’t or cannot use your phone anyway (at work or during sleep, for example), it may be a good idea to create a habit of using this mode.

7. Cut Down on Widgets

Look through your phone and ask yourself: do I really need this widget? And this? And this? If you don’t absolutely need a widget, better get rid of it, especially if it is always connected to the Internet (like weather widgets). If you have multiple widgets that constantly update their info, it will severely hit your battery.

Tired of charging your phone every night or even more often? Take matters into your own hands! I hope these tips were useful for you and now you will know how to save your battery life. Good luck!

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