[Controversial] 2022 - Date Of The Coming Cataclysm Given By The Builders Of The Pyramid

"Message to Moderator to erase :hello friends , here in detail the revelation that I made about the date of 2022, that all the people ...

2022 - Date Of The Coming Cataclysm Given By The Builders Of The Pyramid

"Message to Moderator to erase :hello friends , here in detail the revelation that I made about the date of 2022, that all the people can verify . The message from the builders of the Pyramid for our generation is to be shared to the maximum and reveal to the public. In the broadcast , you maybe save lives... God Bless you my friends :-) Jean Seimple / Truthwalker"

To begin, I apologize for possible grammatical error , Know that I am a French author who publishes in English, to broadcast to as many people the truth about our history that is lost in the maze of time and which was also hidden us. Following many requests , here in detail the famous date of 2022 we revealed to you in the video "The Biggest Secret Of Mankind "
And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. He answered them,“When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times... Matthew 16
Take the time to read, because it is perhaps one of the most important information that you had under the eyes.

To understand the following article, you must have completed all her cheminent logical and coherent reading at least the preceding three articles in this order: the keys of the pyramid / Annex Px / Atlantis found with the help of the Pyramid Cheops ( avaible on Disclose Tv) .

It's a little long and detailed as you see, but it is the necessary condition for whether you're enlightened.

However it is not mandatory because I will try to recall the most important points.


The demonstration shows that I just figured out how they write the message.

It will be useless and you will have that to look at it ... it's so simple that even your child understand that.

All this work has one goal, you know the truth, your history and your heritage.

This article will probably be my last.

I will treat the date of return of the famous Planet X, Nemesis, Tyche, Hercolubus...No matter the name, something is coming.

And this date as you will see, we have inherited.

The most important thing to understand is that the Sphinx of Giza marks the date of one of the largest catastrophe of mankind, known as "the Flood", this term hides indescribable earthquakes and devastating tsunamis, a result of its effects on our solar system, like a grain of sand is enough to tip the balance...

An inevitable disorder, which give way to a "New Order for Centuries" ...

A secretive and elitist organization knows with certainty that date, it is an indispensable basis for preparing their New World Order ...

( Climate change is the term encoded by this powers to discuss the upheaval caused by the approaching planet ...)

But you also , you know the date now.

SPHINX watched "his" constellation of LEO exactly opposite 10,915 years ago.


Is a cycle of 19,607 years after decoding (Annex Planet X).

Precession of the axis of rotation of the Earth: between 19000 years- 25000 years approx.

The angle of the floor is about 24 ° is the obliquity of the Earth's axis of rotation that causes the precession.

The builders give us much information related to the precession to mean that the Sphinx is well connected with the constellation Leo and precessionel cycle.

Using the position of the stars we can find a period in the past but also in the future.

A simple but above ineffaceable method.

It is this method that have used the Builders.

The builders of the pyramids are also the designers of the Zodiac.

To mark the return of Planet X to the peoples of the earth, they have imagined and listed constellations to represent a danger to the chart to each respective period.

The constellation of Aquarius is the date of return of this planet and so the next flood.
(Who will also be a Deluge of Fire, if we read the scriptures )

I doubt between two or four constellations, so two or four hazard.

Leo and Aquarius or Taurus and Scorpio too.

Apocalypse of John:

"Before the throne, and round about were four animals having eyes everywhere, in front and behind. (7) The first Animal like a lion, the second a bull, the third has human figure and the fourth looked like a eagle in flight. (8) These animals had six wings full of eyes outside and inside, "

My doubts fly away like this Eagle...

( In antiquity his name was Eagle constellation )

The four constellations are therefore also in the Bible and also announce misfortunes.

It is clear that the method is simple to tell us the return period of the Planet X ...

But it has one defect.

It is not precise enough ...

The period of the zodiac is 2150 years approx, which is not worthy of Builders.

The Knowing well enough, they had to use something else to give us a more specific date.

Locate a particular star in the constellation will give you extraordinary accuracy of a few years or even a few months (six to be exact)

Yes but which star ?

I'm sure you'll find there now.

It's obvious!


It's great simplicity and their incredible sign of intelligence !

The horns for Taurus, dart for Scorpio and Water (the flood) for Aquarius!

Now you understand why all ancient peoples were watched the sky.

All archaeological sites, Maya, Stonehenge etc... pursuing this single vital goal.

For men the danger was on earth but in the sky too !

To alert them when to check the danger of the sky , the pyramids changed its appearance at the precise time of the equinoxes !

Pyramid on the day of the equinox


Book's extract :

"What troubled me most , this is not the ingenuity of the system, but the willingness to share this crucial information , forward it to the entire population. I grabbed the sole reason for these gigantic monuments, behind these stones, there was a footprint , the footprint of goodness..."

Again the builders have designed a simple and accurate method for preventing ALL MEN.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Leonardo Da Vinci

Just a word to the Lion:

It represents Planet X and its danger, but also :

The flood that occurred, the builders did not indicate his fangs or claws, but their heart.

Leo is still alive...

"Al Kalb al assad: The heart of the lion", the Sphinx is in a quiet position, Serene, it monitors and builders have made forever in heaven in light of all the peoples of the Earth, the most magnificent duty memory.

Information begin to match and only a demo will allow me to convince you.

Virtually all my items are mathematical demonstrations and so are demonstrable.

And that's what we'll do now.

We have the precise date of the Flood Lion -8900 BC.

The cycle given by the floor of the Sphinx : 19607 years / 4 = 4900 years approx.

-8900 + 4900 = -4000 BC

This date must necessarily correspond to a sign in the sky.

I will use an astronomy program (Stellarium 0.13.3) and enter the same values and references that demonstrate Bauval (see video)

Date: -4000 BC

Sphinx Position: 29 ° N 31 ° E

Direction: East-Rising Sun.

 Updated: Spring Equinox


The immensity of the sky, the indicated area is exactly between the two horns...

( I confess that I prayed a little :-) )

To be completely honest, I am not so surprised, because unlike you since I possess the keys of the pyramid, all the doors open...

But I'm also still fascinated !

As my math teacher told me: QED

A picture is worth a thousand words ..

The year 4000 BC is the Year 0 among Calendar's Freemasons , called the " ANNO LUCIS -Year of Light ... "

(Which I did not know ) .

Here is further evidence that many Freemasons hold the knowledge of the Builders.

Also, strangely ... the year 2015 was declared by the United Nations " International Year of the Light. "
( you'll know why in the part II of this article : Revelation ) .

Now are entering the heart of the matter because what matters to us is today.

I proceeded in exactly the same way but I came across a rather longer period .

I then proceeded by trial and error to find a more precise date, because I am convinced that "God" we said.

I put God in quotes to avoid offending some people, but this is the last time I do it.

Here Date:


Mercury = "Mercury, transmits according to mythology Jupiter messages. Commissioned but so light and clever, he can play on the circumstances, adapt to communicate ..."

Bible, New Testament Apocalypse of St. John, chapter 12:

"Then appeared a large meteor: a lady wrapped in the sun, the moon under her feet, her head crowned with twelve stars (2) She was pregnant and cried in pain and work of childbirth (3) Then.. a second meteor: a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven heads, seven crowns ... "

Second meteor = planet x, first meteor = his satellite; discovered there are about two months (see Annex Planet X).

Here is the view, turning to the west of the Previous Image:

The Moon under her feet, the head is precisely at sunset, exactly at the time of sunrise and the day of the equinox, she's literally "wrapped" with the sun, with the crown, the horizon and the twelve constellations.

the Moon is precisely in the middle of the bar of Libra (symbol of the judgment).

South view

The fire of the altar thrown on Earth, the seventh and final seal, the star is perfectly aligned.

The spring equinox of 2022 is the date given by God and His Messenger to Planet X which will be closest to Earth.

(Its effects on the solar system and our planet are already being felt. )

Watch the sky two days after the day of the equinox (20 March) is not a vague, but further evidence of their incredible intelligence.

The explanation with this picture:

Cycle of the Planet x : Leo- Taurus 4900 years, Taurus-Aquarius 6000 years, Aquarius-Scorpio 4900 years

And as any firework that respects itself, now is the "final straw".

In a previous version of my article, I explained that the dimensions of the pyramid of Khafre ( Planet X ) brought out the number 666 and thus that this planet was one of the beasts of the Apocalypse .

I deliberately suppressed this passage because the archaeological evidence unfortunately were destroyed and that my hypothesis was easily contestable

Knowing that all I have is authentic reveals you and so consistent, I was able to find another way to prove it , that it is mathematical and therefore easily verifiable ,

A little riddle ...

As you know , the Cubits " Star " are symbolized by geometric shapes : square, circle and triangle (see Keys Of The Pyramid http://ift.tt/1mkIxlw)

In your opinion, what is the geometric symbol that builders have used to symbolize Planet X ?

Solution :

Cubit Planet X = 0.91

0.91 corresponds to two cubits Earth ( [ 0.40 + 0.51 ] / 2 = 0.455 ), so two triangles .

Knowing that Px almost the same mass as the Earth (see the pyramids appearance ) , so we can symbolize Px with two triangles.

The Hexagram is the geometric figure for Planet X.

(Thank you not to see behind this revelation, any attack on a religious community, I respect that also a lot . Only the explanation of a symbol that is lost over the time.)

In my book, my proofs were found in the Temple of Solomon, and with the Seal of Solomon who symbolizes Planet X, This is again confirmed...

As this symbol carries with it the number 666 , explained by many authors ( like here ) , Planet X is therefore linked to the number 666 .

Knowing that Px is symbolized by the Lion , so a beast :

Planet X is the Beast of the Apocalypse.

But there is a second beast (Entity : Banking System-Printing money-Goldman Sachs) which carries a human number, that of Solomon (again) with its 666 talents of silver (P.Jovanovic)


Apocalypse of St. John

"And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast. For it is a human number, and his number is six hundred and sixty to six. "

My job ends here, the second Beast is not my responsibility.

But of someone else ...

As there was a fifth Cubit, there is also a fifth constellation in Builder's plan...


(Small star repere to the right of the sun ...)

33mn later you see it better...

33 minutes later, Orion rises on the horizon with his gold belt exactly centered.
And as you now know who the Lion...

At noon , the time of zenith, the day of the summer soltice , Orion in all its splendor !

(I hope you understand , which is Orion...)

As you see, the intelligence of the builders and their plan were amazing, they were able to reconcile the extreme simplicity with the utmost precison, just as in my other article " Atlantis Found "

To design this plan is extraordinary.

Implement with men and explain to them is simply beautiful.

But the most incredible is to read the plan and derive as much information worthy of Wikipedia, without writing a single letter, not even a line, only stones, stars and Spirit...

The spirit of the golden section, the figure of God, mathematics.

The spirit of simplicity and goodness.

I am moved...

Those like me who sometimes despair of this world goes crazy, we find a little hope I am sure with this spirit of sharing.

For there is hope, trust me from the heart.

We are not alone...

In the sky they loved us and they still love us .

His covenant is everlasting.

An alliance between the Earth and the Heavens ...

Like a Sky Arch ...

A sign of Peace, so do not let you abused ...

As I told you, this is probably my last article, it is free dissemination and sharing and even publish it under your own name if you like it.

My one desire and that we find our history that our forefathers bequeathed to us and which they have stolen from us.

The ultimate truth is in the book (for them v 1.618) it is for you to share ...(unveilled in the video THE BIGGEST SECRET OF MANKIND)

The Builders has spent infinite energy and love for give us that message.

To you, simply a click, just a click, not for me, because my approach is anonymous... not for you... but for our children.

And as the builders that simplicity will become a symbol of our intelligence.

SHARE, TRANSLATE, DISTRIBUTE, SAVE, because the enemy is powerful
Be prepared that there is still time and God Bless you...



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