[Viral Now] Five Ways to Make a Viral Android App

There is no single formula that every business  could use to make their Android App go viral. Although identifying the coefficient of these...

Five Ways to Make a Viral Android App

There is no single formula that every business could use to make their Android App go viral. Although identifying the coefficient of these could be the closest you could get to a formula, it remains to be a potential but not an absolute solution. Perhaps the best thing about not having one formula to make an Android App viral, is that it keeps the door open for new ways to make it happen through various Android app development training. Some Apps have tried using the methods that have been tested through time, while others are in search for ways on how to make a strategy work to their advantage.

What does it mean, really?

Virality, in truth, can be completely unpredictable. There is no such thing as a step by step process to be followed in order to achieve virality of an App. There are techniques and some might have worked for others, but there’s no assurance that it could work for you too. Before you pull all your hair out trying to figure out which techniques could work for you, here are five ways to make a viral Android App.

The acronym VIRAL that stands for Value, Intuitive, Reward, Ability and Likable will be your reminder as to what it takes for you to spell out success in building and promoting Android applications.


You may think that the application you are making hits the target audience right on the spot. You assume that your app has got everything they could ever need. And you know what they say about assuming.

Look critically. You have to make sure that your app and everything in it is exactly what your audience needs. How do you make this happen? Consumer testing is the key.

At every stage of your app development, integrate the feedback that you are getting from the audience who’s testing it. Come release time, you are sure that your target clients will be satisfied of the app that you just made for them.

You have released your app, but don’t sit down just yet. Constantly tweak your app to make your clients have second thoughts about deleting it. Remember that the goal should always be longevity and relevance.  Make it an app that they simply could not live without and you don’t have to worry about anything else.


Your app should have an intuitive design and action flow. You don’t want your target clients to get frustrated because you made it so hard to sign-up.

You can do this by developing an app that allows them to sign in through their social media accounts. You don’t want to add up to the mountain of passwords and usernames that they have yet to remember.

Make it easy for them to share the knowledge they got from your app through social media. Don’t hide this.


Encourage your users to show and share your app to their friends. Incentives and other promotions would surely make this a hit.

Give them back something as a gesture of appreciation for what they did for you. Perhaps a $20 money-back guarantee would make this work out. Any form of reward can go a long way.


Your app is already good, valuable and useful, but it can’t be released unless it’s already awesome. Your target users are cool, so your app should be too.

Don’t think about what is quantifiable about your app. Just think about the many other developers out there developing an app that’s very similar to yours. How will you make your app standout?

It is not enough that you develop an app that will help them put their pictures up online. You have got to offer them more than just that. Instagram rose to success while other photo-sharing apps have failed repeatedly, simply because it has made things simpler for people. And also because it is awesome as it is.


This is one of the factors that you simply could not ignore. Your app should be likable both by its users and across social media for those who are not yet using it.

Look into what your target audience likes and shares in their social media accounts. Observe their habits and mold your brand out of it. Remember that your app should not only be something that they need. They have to want it so bad that they will want their friends and other contacts to download it too.

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