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One of the biggest complaints that most homeowners have is the cost of heating their homes. This is especially true of homeowners who live ...

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One of the biggest complaints that most homeowners have is the cost of heating their homes. This is especially true of homeowners who live in areas with colder climates. Luckily, there are actually numerous ways to reduce your home heating costs, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on renovations or new heating systems to do it. Here are some of the best, cheap ways to heat your home.

Replace Weather Stripping

An inexpensive way to save money on the cost of home heating is to replace old and worn weather stripping. When it is no longer in good shape, it is no longer going to do the job it is meant to do. You could be losing as much as 12 percent of your home’s heat just because the weather stripping needs to be replaced. By replacing it, you will be able to cut down on drafts and save a lot of money on your home heating bills.

Seal Electrical Boxes

Electrical outlets are a huge source of heat loss in homes, because there is space for heat to escape through. This is easy enough to fix, and you don’t need to hire an electrician to do it. All you have to do is take off the cover plates with a screwdriver, fill in any gaps around the boxes with caulking (acrylic latex), and then put the cover back in place. You may also want to add a foam gasket, which goes between the outlet and the cover plate.

Clear the Vents

“If your vents are blocked, they aren’t going to be able to do their intended job of sending warm air throughout your home. If there is furniture in front of or on top of vents, do a bit of creative rearranging,” suggests Brandi Andrews, Founder and Owner at National Air Warehouse. That way, the vents will be clear and can deliver more heat when you need it.

Use Portable Heaters

Yes, you do have to spend money to buy and operate portable heaters, but they can help you save money in the long run. If you are using a portable heater, you can turn down the thermostat in your home and save as much as three percent of your home heating costs. Make sure that you do you research before buying a portable heater, as some can really suck the electricity. Others are more energy-efficient, and will help you to save money over time. Eventually, a portable heater will pay for itself, and then some.

Put Up Plastic Film

If you have doorways that you aren’t using (such as basement entry ways), or windows that are going to be closed all winter, take it a step further and seal them off with plastic film. You can lose up to 25 percent of your home heating through drafty windows. Plastic film is inexpensive, and easy to install. As long as you have a hair dryer and a few minutes of time, you can easily seal off windows and doorways.

Do Furnace Maintenance

It is important to do regular maintenance on your furnace in order to keep it functioning properly. When a furnace is not properly maintained, it will not work as it should. It will have to work harder, which is going to end up costing you a lot more money for home heating. Make sure that you change your filter regularly to keep it from clogging up and not working as it should.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping you cool in the summer. They can also help to keep your home warmer. Heat rises, so if you are using a ceiling fan, it is going to send that heat back down towards the floor, and help to cut the cost of your home heating. Make sure that the ceiling fan is turned to the reverse setting in order to push the heat downwards.

Insulate Your Attic

Insulation is relatively affordable for the long term benefits that it provides and it’s an easy DIY project. Making sure that you attic is well insulated will assist in preventing warm air from escaping your home. Insulation also helps to maintain a more comfortable and even temperatures throughout the home.

Dress Warm

This easy hack helps you stay warm without increasing your energy cost at all. It is much more affordable to heat your body than it is to heat your home. So turn down the thermostat a couple degrees and put on your comfy pajamas, favorite sweater and cozy slippers instead. Dress in layers and use body warmth as a good excuse to snuggle up next to your partner under a cozy blanket. Not only will you feel warm and cozy, will also feel better when you get a lower heating bill.

Harness Power of the Sun

The sun provides free heating everyday. Make sure to open your blinds and curtains during sunlight hours to allow the sun rays to heat your home at no cost. When the sun starts to go down, close your blinds and curtains to trap the heat, insulate your home and keep cold air from coming in.

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