[Controversial] Oxford University: The Illuminati Breeding Ground

The following is an article written by David Icke for the Oxford University students newspaper. Oxford University is the centre of a nexu...

The following is an article written by David Icke for the Oxford University students newspaper.

Oxford University is the centre of a nexus that dictates and manipulates what is taught to students at all levels of "education."

It is controlled through a network of organizations, including the Round Table secret society created by followers of the Oxford University professor, John Ruskin.

The most prominent of these Ruskin groupies was Cecil Rhodes, the first head of the Round Table, and banker Alfred Milner, who replaced him. Both of these men grotesquely abused the black people of Southern Africa and paved the way for apartheid.

The Round Table is at the centre of a network that includes the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States (CFR), the US-based Trilateral Commission (TC), and the Bilderberg Group (Bil).

I have been exposing the Bilberberg Group while being called "mad" for many years and now even the mainstream media is having to acknowledge its existence.

These groups have among their membership the top people in global politics, business, banking, the media, military, education, etc., and they co-ordinate a common policy and agenda between apparently unconnected people, countries, and organizations.

The Round Table was hatched at Oxford University and when Rhodes died in 1902 he left money in his will to fund "Rhodes Scholarships" that take overseas students to Oxford.

These Rhodes Scholars return to their own countries and again and again end up in positions of power. Bill Clinton and the former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, are but two examples.

The Round Table is itself part of a much bigger web and its agenda is for a global centralized fascist state with a world government, central bank, currency, army, and a micro-chipped population connected to a global computer. When I first began to expose this in books like.

And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret I was, as usual, dubbed a "nutter". Now look around you with open eyes and open minds and you can see that this structure is unfolding so fast.

The European Union was vital to this plan and this is why so many operatives for the groups outlined above have been involved in its creation - many of them Oxford students together going back to the Second World War.

The reason for the obsession with centralization is obvious. If you are a few who wish to control the lives of billions, the last thing you want is diversity of decision-making. There are simply too many people and locations to control.

Instead you need to centralize the key decisions and the more you centralize, the more power you have to increase the pace of centralization. This is why centralization in all areas of life, politics, business, banking, media, military, has quickened with every year.

The control of "education" is vital to this agenda. In fact, the aim of this network is not "education", but indoctrination.

The idea is turn out adults who see life and history in a way that maintains the population in subservience and ignorance. This allows the network or "Illuminati" to advance its agenda without challenge from the mass of the population.

The technique to achieve this is very straightforward and has proved to be stunningly effective over thousands of years. You "teach" and emphasize "information" that will encourage people to believe what you want them to believe and see the world as you wish them to see it.

At the same time you ignore and suppress alternative information that may prompt people to see another reality. The media do this every day and so the public are constantly misled about world events, people in the news, and so on. "Education" is precisely the same and just think about this for a second.

If you wanted to create a structure in which you could indoctrinate young people into your way of thinking, what would be the idea way of achieving this? To have control of what those young minds see and hear day after day for the first 18 years+ of their lives. And that is precisely what we have with today’s "education" system.

Now that would be OK if the children and students were given all information available and encouraged to think for themselves. But so often, to pass exams and progress within the system, you have to tell the system what it wants to hear - the system’s version of reality. What was it the Nazis said?

The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. The "education" system, with Oxford at its centre, is little more than a propaganda ministry designed to turn out adults who think "correctly".

As with all mind manipulation, they offer carrots and sticks to "encourage" compliance. Students are rewarded for submitting to the system’s version of events, while those who challenge and question are marginalized, not least by low grades.

The other prime role of Oxford is to take selected students (often selected by bloodline for reasons explained in my books) and prepare them for life as an operative for the network, or "Illuminati", within politics, business, finance, the media, etc.

The Rhodes Scholars are an example of this. Such selected students "get lucky" and enter positions of power because doors open for them that are denied to the, literally, unitiated. I will give you an example.

Oxford University: The Illuminati Breeding Ground

In my book And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I feature the research of Dr Kitty Little. She is a long time researcher into the corruption and infiltration within the British Intelligence agencies.

Her scientific career has included research for the Ministry of Aircraft Production during the Second World War, followed by nine years at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell.

In her submission to the 1995 Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life, she tells the story of an attempt to recruit her into the Communist Party at Oxford University in 1940.

The Communists, she said, had gone "underground" by joining the University Labour Party and she attended a meeting of a Labour Party "study group" in a room at University College.

The main speaker at the meeting, who clearly believed he was among friends, began to reveal the plot to destabilize the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, ready for a Marxist/Fascist (same thing) takeover.

She later realized that this was part of the plan designed to introduce the global centralized control called the New World Order.

The plot was outlined by the speaker at that Oxford meeting to destroy the United Kingdom defenses, engineer a Marxist/Fascist takeover of Rhodesia and South Africa and to use what became known as the European Community, now Union, as a smokescreen to hide the changeover to a centralized Marxist/Fascist rule of Europe. The plan was also to destroy British manufacturing industry.

He went on to describe how members of the political section of this subversive organization were going to infiltrate the British Parliament and civil service, some entering each of the political parties.

Many would go into the right wing of the Labour Party, others to the left wing of the Conservatives. Eventually there would be a fusion into a new "Centre Party".

Put the majority of Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat politicians together and, if you ignore the rhetoric and look at the policies, that’s what we now have in fact - a one party "consensus".

The speaker at Dr Little’s meeting said that the British distrusted extremists and so posing as "moderates", occupying the centre ground, would allow them to dismiss their opponents as "right wing extremists".

This subversive organization did not have a name, he said, because that would make it harder to prove it existed.

The speaker said he had been chosen to be the political head of this organization and expected himself one day to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. All this was said in 1940 and that man did indeed become Prime Minister.

His name was Harold Wilson

Wilson (Bilderberg Group - "Bil") was Prime Minister for the period 1964 to 1976, except for four years when his friend at Oxford, Ted Heath (Bil), took over between 1970 and 74.

Dr Little says that when she made her story public, the Daily Express writer of intelligence "exposes", Chapman Pincher, showed a copy of her allegations to Harold Wilson. He was issuing libel writs like confetti at the time, but his only reaction to Dr Little was to say she had mistaken him for a Tom Wilson.

She knew she had done nothing of the kind, but she checked the entire University records and there was not even one T. Wilson enrolled there in this century!

She knew Wilson as an economics fellow at Oxford because it was he who researched and compiled most of the "Beveridge" Report, which created the Welfare State and the Social Security system after the war.

William Beveridge was Wilson’s economics master at Oxford and, Dr. Little says, he was little more than a figurehead who put his name to it. On the surface the report was admirable in many ways, but from the perspective of today it can be seen to have wider implications.

It created dependency and control, while destroying opportunities for self-reliance and independence outside the elite-controlled system.

Now that dependency has been created the Welfare State is being dismantled and much of what is left is being handed over to privatization - the elite bankers in other words - and the rug pulled from under the dependent people.

Wilson resigned abruptly in 1976 and was replaced by Jim Callaghan (Bil), who became a joint president of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

His fellow presidents were Lord Carrington (TC and Bilberberg chairman) and Harold Wilson’s former Chancellor and Home Secretary, Lord (Roy) Jenkins (TC, Bil), who, with Lord David Owen (TC, Bil), Bill Rogers (Bil), and Shirley Williams, left the Labour Party in the early 1980s to form a centre party, the SDP, now the Liberal Democrats.

All these people worked closely with another prominent member of the Labour Government under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan.

This was the Bilderberger, Trilateralist, chairman of the International Monetary Fund Interim Committee, and council member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Denis Healey. All of these people were heavily involved with Ted Heath in taking the UK into the European Community.

I wonder when they were in the highest political offices in the land, if Wilson, Heath, Jenkins, and Healey, ever got together and pondered on the remarkable twist of "destiny" that led four people who were at Oxford University in the same period to become the leading political names of the 1960s and 70s, just as the United Kingdom was committing itself to the European Community.

Indeed Jenkins would go on to be president of the European Commission and Heath would take the UK into the community, now union. Wilson (Jesus College and University College), Healey (Balliol), Jenkins (Balliol) and Heath (Balliol), are such an inspiration to us all. Look at what an Oxford education can do for you.

In this same period, the Liberal Party leaders also did Oxford proud in the form of Jo Grimond (Balliol and Bil), and Jeremy Thorpe (Trinity College), the author of the book, Europe: The Case for Going in.

Lord Jenkins also went on, of course, to become Chancellor of Oxford University. He has also been described as something of a guru to UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Today Blair is another "centre ground" extremist in Downing Street who is pressing for the UK to join the Euro and concede what is left of its independence to the Illuminati-controlled super state.

Blair received a law degree in 1975 from St. John’s College at Oxford University and is a member of the Bilderberg Group, as is his mentor, Peter Mandelson (St Catherine’s, Oxford), and his chancellor, Gordon Brown.

Oxford University is a nexus for the control of what is "taught" in education and a breeding ground for the Illuminati placemen and women of the next generation.

The vast majority of students are not aware of this because they are not the chosen ones and even many of those who are chosen, overwhelmingly by bloodline, have no idea until much later why they found fortune smiling upon them.

The way to break this circle is through peaceful rebellion with the emphasis on peaceful. What you fight, you inevitably become, which is why you will see no difference between a vehement Nazi and a vehement "anti-Nazi". They are mirrors of each other while they believe they are opposites.

No, the way to bring down this network of power and manipulation is to stop co-operating with it, stop being unquestioningly subservient to it, and to make public the information that the Illuminati-controlled education system and media are so desperate to suppress and discredit.



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