[Trending Now] Woman Walked NYC Using Ordinary Clothes Vs. Muslim Hijab! The Result Was Surprising!

Most people say that a person should not be judged by their physical appearance or the way they dressed. Judging the way a person looks should not be tolerated at all times. 

This social experiment will show you the difference that the clothes could do to a woman. 

A woman was asked to walk down the streets in two outfits. The first one was wearing casual clothes such as jeans, shirt and a blazer. Every man that she passes through hits on her. 

A lot of men claim that she was beautiful. There were several teases and jeers at the woman. One man was even persistent enough to walk with him until the next block. The man only stopped when the team intervened them. 

Then the next one, the same woman walked while she was wearing a Hijab. A traditional dress with long cloth that covers the shape and the body of the woman leaving only her face. The results were surprising. 

Source: AreWeFamousNow

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