[Trending Now] This Dog Snatched The Baby's Toy. What He Gives In Return Is Probably The Sweetest Thing Ever!

Dog Steal the baby Toys

A lot of parents are afraid to own dogs because of the thought that their pets would just harm their babies. What they didn't know is that these pets are also concerned with the babies! 

This video will show you that humans are not the only ones who are capable of apologizing, but also dogs.

In this video, this dog stole this baby's toy. After a few moments the baby cried. 

The dog was really confused with what happened that's why he immediately gave back the toy that he snatched. But his compromising didn't end there, he even get the other toys and placed it beside the baby.

After placing all the toys beside her, the dog then kissed the baby which the owners claim that it was a sign that the dog was saying sorry.

Source: CharlieDaDog

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