[Trending Now] Mesmerizing Automated Restaurant in Japan! UNBELIEVABLE!

Number 1 High Tech Restaurant in Japan

With the fast growing technology, a lot of establishments are dealing with this development as well. They are now using a different approach with their businesses. 

A perfect example of this is a restaurant in Japan whereas there are no waiters and waitresses needed because of its one of a kind way of taking, serving, and getting the dishes done. 

The conveyor belt is formed in an E Shape. Believe it or not, the restaurant does not have any chefs at all. The foods are made by a machine. Then, it will be delivered to the table of the customers using another machine. Once the people are done eating, all they need to do is put the dishes to the automated machine that delivers it to the dish washing. 

The owner claims that he wanted to have a business that is efficient yet less costly. 

Their aim is to provide a high quality service to every person that wanted to eat inside their store. 

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