[Trending Now]This Man Stood In The Park With An "I'm HIV Positive, Touch Me!", The People's Reaction Was Heart Melting!

A man that is Hiv Positive

People have set the standards which creates a division for each individual. From the division towards wealth, race and religion, people are now dividing themselves towards the people who are HIV Positive. 

Most people claim that they wanted to stay away from someone who is an HIV Positive. But needless to say that this disease could not be transferred without sexual intercourse or blood transfusion. 

A Finnish guy named Janne Antin stood up in the middle of the park with a board that has a message that goes, "I'm HIV Positive, Touch Me!"

During the first part of the video, people are hesitant to touch him. But when a woman held her hand, everyone followed. Some tapped his shoulder and most of them hugged him to show support. A lot of people welcomed him despite being HIV Positive. 

These gestures are heart melting because it only shows that they support him and give him a sign of encouragement.

Source: CrackerDaily


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