[Trending Now] Who Said Only Movies Have Drunken Master? You Will Be Shock This Drunken Master Found In The Phillipines

A hotel guest in the Philippines is being tagged as the world's drunkest man! 

The authorities claim that this hotel guest created chaos in a hotel in the Philippines that's why the other guests called the police to arrest this drunk man.

You can clearly see that this man is indeed drunk because when the police came in action, he was just wearing his underwear and he's breaking all his dishes. 

This man was too big to the point that the police officers can't carry him.

The unnamed man was so drunk that his mind and body isn't functioning well.

The medical experts were forced to place the drunk man in an ambulance. They wanted to find out if the man will still be needing medical treatments. 

He is now being tagged as the world's drunkest man alive. 

However, netizens were furious after they witness how the police officers arrested the drunk man.

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