[Trending Now] Adorable Baby Bookworm Cries Every Time His Mother Says 'The End' At The End Of Every Story!

Adorable baby crying

With the fastest growing technology in this era, everything is being put into one device that people have forgotten that there are things such as books. 

These books are the reason why we are able to get the information transferred from one generation to another. 

Parents should guide their children to start reading books at an early age. This will help them to open their minds and get attracted to reading books more. 

But the story of this mother and son will surely melt your hearts. At an early age, his mother was determined to tell him stories from the book. 

He was carefully listening to his mom's voice, but every time his mother reaches the end of the story and says, "The End." The baby boy breaks down in tears. 

If he continues his love for books, he will definitely have a brighter future!

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