[Trending Now] 25 Cool Gifts College Students Want This School Season

School is approximately to get started on and school students around are receiving ready for another semester of classes, tasks, activities, and fun. Some are troubled to get started another scholastic time frame while some may be lamenting the departure of an lazy summer. In any event, school students could always reap the benefits of a surprise or two, and who better suitable for provide them with such gift ideas than you? So if you’re looking to the perfect present for your perfect (or possibly not perfect) university pupil, check out these 25 Cool Items UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Want This Institution Season.
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25 Cool Gifts College Students Want This School Season
It’s not a secret, college students are poor. So it’s no surprise that one of their most desired item is money. Try buying a wallet like this awesome Alpine Swiss men’s leather bifold wallet, and stuff it with some cash, gift cards, and maybe even a check or two.

The GoPro HERO4 Session is able to withstand the high demands of an active college student’s life. As such, this camera is a must-have. Bring it to the beach, the pool, mountain biking and pretty much anywhere you go.

College students love to listen and share their music and what better way to do it than by cranking up this groovin’ BRAVEN 805 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker which works with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Is that college student in your life a math genius (or at least aspiring to be)? Then this is the perfect gift for him or her.

If your college student needs some…’encouragement’ to live a healthier lifestyle, stay on time, or even engage a little more then they’ll want the Apple Watch. Even if your college student doesn’t need the encouragement…they’ll still want it.

Sure, every college student needs a backpack. But this semester, don’t just purchase any ordinary backpack. Rather, surprise your college student with this high-end SERBAGS back pack made with high quality cotton mixed fabric and genuine leather.

It’s like a tablet and a laptop all in one. What college student wouldn’t want One.

Maybe your college student is more of an apple kind of person. Then check out the Apple ipad Air 2. Boasting of a 2048×1536 Retina Display, the pictures on this tablet look so stunning, you might just want to keep this for yourself.

Whether it’s for setting up that new desk chair or to place that nice decorative shelving in the room, your student is going to need some basic tools. Complete with 31 pieces which includes hammer, pliers, and screwdrivers, the Great Neck Essentials bag is what they’re looking for.

In most college campuses these days, it’s easier to get around the campus on a bike than on your personal vehicle. The money you save in parking decals, gas, and time is outrageous. So treat your college student to this Schwinn Men’s Prelude bicycle.

For those times where your student may just want to print out his or her homework at home (as opposed to the busy, dirty, and quite frankly unappealing print lab) there is no better option than this Canon Pixma MG8220 Wireless Inkjet printer. It boasts of superior optical scanning resolution (yes, it has a built-in scanner) of 4800x 9600 dpi. It’s super quiet and the prints are amazing!

Not only is cooking healthier for your college student, it also saves them money. So encourage the healthy practice of cooking by giving them an awesome pots and pans set like this T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom set.

It’s hard to cook without something to cut with. And with knives as stylish as these Mercer Culinary Genesis set, your college student is going to want a reason to use them.

Coffee becomes a staple item in just about every college kid’s diet (we have arduous assignments to thank for that). What better way to enjoy this life-giving (and much needed) nectar than on a favorite mug. Especially if it’s a mug like this design-changing morning mug. Just pour your favorite coffee and watch the magic happen right before your eyes!

You don’t want your college student to go into the school gym sporting a rundown, embarrassing, in-need-of-replacement gym bag do you? Of course not! Take it upon yourself to upgrade your college student’s gym bag with this stylish Under Armour Duffel Bag. This bad boy screams “I workout”.

A great way to bring some fun to any social event, Cards Against Humanity pits the innocent to that which is not so innocent and your college student will love every minute of it. This is probably one of the few games you actually want to lose at.

Who want’s to play their favorite video game while being distracted with annoying sounds. Give the college student in your life the gift of auditory bliss with these Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Not only is wood biodegradable, but it also reminds us to use materials that are earth-friendly for items that we wouldn’t think of using them for (like this watch). Besides, the WeWood Jupiter Watch looks cool.

Possibly the coolest pizza cutter in existence.

Coffee can be expensive in popular coffee venues. And as we have already established, students need coffee (lots and lots of coffee). So why not encourage your studious college student to save money while enjoying his or her coffee by gifting them with this awesome and stylish Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker. This is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving.

Encourage your college student to take a break once in a while and enjoy the gift of nature with this cool instant Coleman tent. It can fit up to four people and is easy to set up (for those of us who are not Boyscouts / Girlscouts).

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead series (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) then you need to buy two of this shirt. One to give away and one for yourself (you know you want one).

Give your creative college student the gift of creating really cool stuff with the somewhat expensive but totally awesome MakerBot Replicator.

The Xbox One is pretty much your home entertainment system in one box. On the “I want” scale of 1 to 10, this is 20.

The PlayStation 4 is definitely an item your college student wants. If you want to blow their socks off this school term, this item right here is the way to do it.
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