[Trending] I Turned My Grandma’s Old Van Into A Mobile Home So I Could Travel Across North America

You don’t need to plan an elaborate vacation to end up at a beautiful destination. Simply pack up your car, drive for a few hours and I guar...

You don’t need to plan an elaborate vacation to end up at a beautiful destination. Simply pack up your car, drive for a few hours and I guarantee you will find somewhere incredible! This has been one of the main messages I’ve tried to relay to people after converting my Grandmother’s old camper van into a custom “Adventure Mobile” and traveling around the country for almost a year and a half.

Of course those foreign countries and tropical islands and are beautiful and should be visited if you get the opportunity but don’t forget about all of those amazing places in your own backyard. Whether you are hiking through the backcountry, wandering in National Parks or searching for secret waterfalls there are an endless amount of adventures out there to be had.

The inspiration for creating these images comes from many different platforms but the biggest factor is admiring the landscape I’m surrounded by at the time. Adding a human element to the images helps capture the emotion and overall grandeur of the scene, which I think people can relate to and picture themselves in. Overall, I hope that by constantly pushing myself and the boundaries of my craft I can encourage others to do the same. Get out there!

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Summer nights over San Diego, California

Dangerous yet beautiful Ice Caves in Washington

Searching for dinosaur footprints at The Wave in Arizona

Perfect nights along The Lost Coast Trail in California

Happy campers along the Oregon coast

A few of my favorite things, Twin Falls, Idaho

The van “Betty the Grey Wolf” has been named after both my Grandmothers. Here Betty has been completely transformed and is ready for the road!

This is how the van looks inside

Were the wild things are. Finding some remote locations in Washington

Learn to scuba dive, check

The backroads of Vermont

Roads this iconic were designed to be skated. Highway 101 in Oregon

Proxy falls, Oregon

Backpacking Escalante, Utah

Stairway to Heaven, Oahu, Hawaii

Late night rewards along the Appalachian Trail, Virginia

Spectacular scenery in Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Camping in the Sky, Oahu, Hawaii

California cost

Road less traveled

Watching the sunrise

Salty reflections along the California coast

Relaxing on a sleeping pad while backpacking through Arizona

Sunrises are always special, spend them wisely, Lake Louise, Alberta

The Narrows – Zion National Park, UT

Sometimes going to bed can be the best part of the day, Oahu, Hawaii

Early morning hike on Stairway to Heaven, Oahu

Never a bad time taking the mud less traveled, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Camping under the stars, Escalante, Utah. What are you waiting for?

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