How Your Career Is Determined By Your Personality Type [Infographic]

How Your Career Is Determined By Your Personality Type [Infographic]
In today’s world, we see a lot of new career trends emerging, especially among millennials. Workers are wanting to break free of the 9-5 mold, follow their passions, earn what they’re worth, and spend less time slaving away at work. We’ve seen a renewed interest in entrepreneurship, as many start businesses are appearing online and on social media platforms, as millennials opt for personally fulfilling careers instead.
While a myriad of cultural factors can impact your career destiny (like upbringing, family income, or location), your personality type also plays a significant role. A web-based questionnaire by Truity found particular patterns emerge when participants were categorized by their MBTI personality type. (You can take the test to learn your type.)
Overall, the study found slightly higher rates of job satisfaction among Extroverts. Intuitives were far more likely to be self-employed than Sensors. Meanwhile, Judgers were likely to earn about $10,000 more than Perceivers each year. The study collected information from a variety of age groups with each of the 16 personality types represented.
Check out the infographic and note the strongest career trends for your type. Do they match your current situation? Knowing your personality type can not only direct you to a career path that is fitting and satisfying, it can also prevent you from squandering years in a career that doesn’t suit you.
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