[Controversial] Mysterious ‘Alien-Like’ Skulls Found in Africa

Although many people like to think we are the only intelligent life forms to walk this earth, this might be far from the truth. This is one ...

Although many people like to think we are the only intelligent life forms to walk this earth, this might be far from the truth. This is one of the mysterious fossilized humanoid skulls found in Africa that make us question what we think we know. It’s a common theme in the evolution of man and thought.

We consider something to be true and factual for many years, and then suddenly a new piece of information arises that completely dismisses everything we once believed. Think of the earth being flat for example. This was once commonly believed to be true, and it took a great deal of time before people finally let go of this false notion in favor of the reality which was that earth is round. Now we have the technology necessary to soar into space where we could get a full view of the shape of our planets, but like all things, advancements like these take time.

The same goes for all the alien evidence. At the moment there’s no way we can fully prove that they exist. Accounts from people who have spotted strange sightings abound, but it’s difficult to tell what they actually saw. Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us, other times certain optical illusions can be quite persuasive. And finally, when people have video footage or photographs, there’s always a chance that it was totally altered to look like something completely different.

The skulls that have been found in the past 10 years have brought about a lot of controversy. Some people claim that they are completely fake, and that it’s all just a hoax. While others protest and swear that they are real artifacts that are carbon dated to thousands of years ago. It’s hard to say what’s true, either way it certainly makes for an interesting story.

This skull is one of the many that resemble a human in certain respects, but is clearly still not human at all. The size of the top of the head is way out of proportion, exactly like the alien heads we’re used to on our movies and shows. The eyes are huge, and the chin is sharply pointed. This particular skull is a little more creepy than some of the other ones that have been found, but it’s still consistent in the shape and form of the features. What’s more interesting is that this skull is dated to around 14 million years ago, in addition it has incredibly high amounts of iridium in it which is a common element found in meteors. So what do you think, is this skull truly an artifact that proves aliens have walked the earth? Or is it just a hoax? It’s fascinating to think about, and only time will tell. Currently many universities across the world are conducting studies on this strange artifact. Checkout the page on the “Flickr” website to see for yourself, it’s definitely worth taking a look. It honestly seems like it’s straight out of a movie!



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