[Viral] The Most Funny Ted Talk Ever To Teach You How To Sound Smart

How to Sound Smart in audience
Have you ever wondered about how people, especially those who know almost nothing about a subject, still seem the one and only authority on a given topic? These are the kind of people who get by and sound smart even though they have little to no expertise on a subject. These people are able to get a portion of the message across that might seem sophisticated for those who have no or limited knowledge in that particular field of study.
Are these people really smart or do they possess some skills that make them seem smart? Well, Will Stephen deals with this question in a TED talk in an especially funny way. His humor and delivery of his “presentation” is extraordinary.  His talk might seem a little silly at first for those who are not used to this kind of humor, but it is worth watching all the way through.
The reason why this video could change the way you think about those who seem smart is because Will delivers his silly presentation about nothing through a manner of speaking that makes it feel like he knows what he is talking about…even though he does not. Basically, he teaches us how to sound AND seem smart by using hand gestures, adjusting and taking off glasses or presenting data in a way that comes off as professional.
The way he manages to get the message across is by making it feel like he has done his homework. As a matter of fact, if you would watch this video with the sound off, you would believe that he is a genuine and professional speaker who uses graphs, bullet points and diagrams to support his argument…even though he does none of that.
It is a truly enlightening 5-6 minute talk that could provide you with some indirect tips and tricks on how to sound smart in any given situation. So jump right in and watch the video now. It will be worth your time
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