[Viral] In Defense of Pit Bulls: Monsters or Misunderstood [Infographic]

Lifehack Pitbull Infographic
The media often portrays pit bulls in a negative light, but a new infographic from K9 of Mine is hoping to correct some of those misconceptions.
The In Defense Of Pit Bulls Infographic provides data and statistics showing that pit bulls aren’t the dangerous breed they are often made out to be.
pit bull infographic
This infographic and corresponding studies accompanying it show that breed has very little to do with fatal dog bite attacks. Instead, factors affecting the likelihood of dog attacks include how the dog is treated in the home and whether or not the dog is neutered.
Pit bulls don’t deserve the label of vicious attack dog—really, they aren’t much different than any other breed of dog. They deserve the same consideration as any other breed.
What do you think of pit bull? Do you own or have experience with pit bull dogs? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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