[Viral] Here’s Why Ambiverts Are More Likely To Be Successful

People love categorizing almost everything in the world, from genres of music to their own personality. Most people feel comfortable saying...


People love categorizing almost everything in the world, from genres of music to their own personality. Most people feel comfortable saying “I’m an extrovert” or “I’m incredibly introverted.” The truth is, although we might identify more with our introverted or extroverted traits, all of us exhibit characteristics on both sides of the spectrum at various points in our lives. Those who are embrace their ambiversion tend to be more successful than those who claim to be one or the other, as:

1. They have a wider range of skills

Many people blame their shortcomings on their personality type. “Oh, I could never give a speech in front of hundreds of people, I’m too introverted.” This is simply a cop-out. Being afraid of giving a speech is not the same as being physically unable to do so. Ambiverts know they have certain strengths and weaknesses, and will work on their shortcomings instead of allowing the weakness to block their path to success. It’s not that they have always had a wide range of skills; it’s that they have never let the fear of failing stop them from trying something new.

2. They are dynamic and flexible

Ambiverts are good at going with the flow, no matter what circumstances arise. They’re not so rigid that they have to have a plan for every single moment of their day, but they also don’t fly by the seat of their pants, either. Ambiverts will set a goal for themselves, and will get there regardless of the path they have to take. They are open to contingencies, and are able to navigate through troublesome areas with ease because of this flexibility.

3. They are strong communicators

While introverts are busy listening and extroverts are busy talking, ambiverts are right in the middle of the conversation. They know that communication is a two-way street, and understand that nothing will ever get done if they either take a backseat to another team member who does all the talking, or if they themselves talk too much without soliciting ideas from their team. Being great listeners, ambiverts will never enter a conversation simply wanting to get their way. While they will enter into dialogue in order to get their ideas out in the open, they do so in order to be constructive with these ideas rather than to shove them into their colleagues’ faces.

4. They are balanced

Ambiverts find a balance in life that self-proclaimed intro- and extroverts simply do not. While introverts miss out on many social opportunities because they isolate themselves in their apartments all weekend, ambiverts know the importance of showing their face at happy hour, if only for a short period of time. On the other hand, while extroverts are constantly out and about just because they have a fear of missing out on something big happening, ambiverts are more than happy spending a quiet Friday curled up with a book after a long week of work once in a while. While introverts and extroverts would never be caught in a situation considered to be outside their norm, ambiverts strive to experience as much of the world as possible.

5. They’re more likeable

Because of their ability to adapt to different situations, ambiverts tend to get along well with everyone they meet. They know that some people love to talk, and others love to listen, but they don’t act as if these people are “too loud” or “too quiet.” Since they don’t label themselves or other people as introverts or extroverts, ambiverts see other people as individuals with unique qualities and characteristics. This allows them to see each person they meet for who they are, rather than assuming they fit into a specific “type.” Since they treat all people as they deserve to be treated, ambiverts are seen as likeable by people of all walks of life.

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