[Trending] Guy Lost His Phone In River, But Then The Device Started Posting Pics To Facebook

When 29-year-old power engineer Nathan Buhler accidentally dropped his phone into the Bow River on August 2nd, he didn’t even bother looking for it. But two weeks later, this past Monday, someone started posting pictures of the phone to Buhler’s Facebook account. Apparently, it had been found by Calgary’s No. 1 Fire-station firefighters, who decided to rename the phone “Hector Sanchez,” and have a little fun while trying to contact its owner.
“The crew decided to use the unlocked phone’s Facebook account,” reads a statement from the City Of Calgary. “They hoped that by posting on Nathan Buhler’s, the owner’s, Facebook page, his friends and family would let him know that his phone had been found and that he could pick it up at Station 1. Additional messages were posted on Nathan’s page in the hopes he would be notified his phone had been found.”
More info: Facebook (h/t: cbc, calgarysun)

Nathan Buhler lost his phone while rafting

Nathan Buhler lost his phone while rafting posting pictures

10 days later, it started posting pictures to Facebook


“My girlfriend sent me a text yesterday and said ‘have you seen your Facebook status,’” said Buhler


Soon, more pictures of the phone’s adventures began appearing on online


“I even won at ping-pong,” said one


The phone had also been “driving” a fire truck and “using” the hose


“Just helping the guys make some lunch”


“Hey Nathan look at me getting jacked”


Finally, Buhler was reunited with the phone, which the firemen had affectionately named “Hector Sanchez”

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