[Todays Viral] Pinay Sisters Nailed The Song Bang Bang in The X-Factor in UK! Unbelievable!

the Gollayan Sisters X factor USA

Are you familiar with the MICA, the Gollayan Sisters? Well, these girls dominated a TV Show in South Korea. MICA is composed of four Pinay Sisters named Mylene, Irene, Celine and Almira. After dominating the show in South Korea, they then took the stage of X Factor in UK!

These girls conquered a bigger world! They took a bigger stage to show everyone that Filipinos are indeed talented!

They performed the hit song by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang". Each one of them slayed the high notes of the song! What's even more incredible is that they were able to finish the song with the best rap you'll ever hear!

They don't just know how to sing, these girls slayed the song because they know how to perform!



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