[Todays Viral] Newest crazy fashion trend: Wear nothing but plastic bags!

People these days are really doing anything and everything just to duplicate the newest developments online! What's even worse is that individuals don't even think if what they're doing is right or wrong and just get it done anyway!

Well, I can't help but laugh whenever I see images of the latest tendency on the internet! As you can plainly see, people are receiving fastened with the hottest style in Taiwan wherein folks have to take photographs of them using only a plastic tote.

The 7 Eleven plastic bag
And as expected, a lot of people really did this thing! Just to be part of the society, people started taking photos of them while wearing their plastic bags.

A lot of people claim that this is just a silly idea. No one knows who started this newest fashion trend, but still people did it anyway! 

Source: Mirror

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