[Todays Viral] The Mexican durg lord's house got busted! What they found inside will shock you!

Mexican Drug Lord House

A Mexican drug lord's house was busted! And just like in movies, the house was filled with cash, guns, and more cash! Yes! It don't just happen in movies, it also does in real life!

Authorities who were able to raid the house claim that this is probably the largest drug-cash seizure in history.

The authorities was able to confiscate a total of $205.6 million in U.S. currency. They were also able to see a total of 8 lions and a rare specie of tiger!

What's even more interesting is that the house of the drug lord is filled with more cash! They can't even put clothes in their ccabinets and luggages because it's already filled with lots of cash!

The authorities then claim that this is the benefit of selling methamphetamine in the United States! Imagine, the drug lord even own a colletion of guns that're made of gold!

Source: Mario Botello

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