Man Sleeping Under a Tree Wakes Up to Find a Cheetah Doing Something Totally Unexpected

Be careful where you sleep – because a wild animal might be living close by and find you! This could be good or bad for you, especially depending on what animal finds you.
Now, there’s a guy named Dolph C. Volker who went to South Africa to volunteer at the Cheetah Experience. Within days of immersion in the reserve, he immediately bonded with a young cheetah named Eden.
The two became good friends, with Eden cuddling up with him and sleeping by his side!
Other people would freak out upon seeing a cheetah walking up to them while they are trying to sleep under the shade of a tree but Volker is actually excited about these encounters; though he is always alert just in case Eden’s playful bites become something else and he turns into food instead of friend…
Check out this video and be amazed by this totally unexpected encounter:


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