[Hot News] SkyCable Responds to GMA's Allegations of Signal Loss During Eat Bulaga Airing!!!

GMA 7 recently made allegations against SkyCable , a subsidiary of rival television network, ABS-CBN Corp. that the cable provider intent...

GMA 7 recently made allegations against SkyCable, a subsidiary of rival television network, ABS-CBN Corp. that the cable provider intentionally interrupted service during their Kalyeserye or Juan for All, All for Juan Eat Bulaga segment, where the trending love team AlDub can be seen.

SkyCable makes a response against the allegations, stating that the claims were "malicious" and "without basis"

“The complaint of GMA 7 with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) last Aug. 25, 2015, regarding shortchanging of our SkyCable subscribers via irresponsible acts, is a malicious accusation and is without basis,” SkyCable said in a statement last August 28. “If there were service interruptions that inconvenienced some of our subscribers, these were isolated and would have affected other channels, not only GMA 7."

GMA 7 had prior asked NTC to act on the service interruption for subscribers who are supposedly “being short-changed through the irresponsible acts of their service provider.”

GMA had said they had collected tweets from netizens in Metro Manila, Bacolod, and Iloilo dating from July 19 to Aug. 21 claiming that the network’s signal before, during or after “Eat Bulaga” was being “sabotaged” by SkyCable.

SkyCable said it will cooperate with NTC in any subsequent investigations.

The service provider has assured its customers and stakeholders that it will “take all necessary measures to give you the best service you deserve and continue working round-the-clock to minimize and immediately resolve any service interruptions in the future.”

Watch the response by Sky Cable:

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