[Controversial] Watch The Changing Face Of China As The World’s Newest Superpower

China Super Power in 20th century

Over the past few years, China has emerged as a potential new superpower in the world. According to commentators, China is likely to take over from the United States of America as the world’s most powerful country.

According to the Global Change, many economists expect that —based on Purchasing Power Parity calculations—China will overtake the United States long before 2020, probably by 2015-17. All global economists agree it is only a matter of time, by whatever measure. Leaders in developed nations should be ready for a major psychological, economic, cultural and political shift, which will impact the rest of this century.

Currently, China is investing hugely in Africa, Asia and the Euro-Asia region. Due to western sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, a new strong alliance between China and Russia is emerging. As a result, all these factors have turned the global development satellite on China. There have been commentaries, suggestions and assumptions regarding the secret behind this revolution.

From outside the Great Wall of China, many in the west say the country is looming large and scary. But that is the view of an outsider. What about the views of the Chinese people themselves? What do they think about their country’s new emerging trend?

To help us put the Chinese debate in a better perspective, producers of the world’s most powerful and controversial journalistic films about global issues, Journeyman Pictures, has released a new film after having exclusive access in the old capital of Nanjing.

The film showed different opinions regarding the direction of the country. Seven different Chinese personalities revealed what life is really like inside the world’s fastest growing superpower.

For years, the path to prosperity in the country seemed clear. And we cannot discount the effort of President Xi Jinping. He has been a major player since taking over the country. According to Journeyman Pictures, Xi Jinping has taken a sword to the political elite; he has smashed dissent and the economy is heading in a completely new direction, and technology companies are growing at an unprecedented rate. If you doubt this, just visit Africa and see how the Chinese mobile phones and other gadgets have flooded the African market.

A software entrepreneur, whose company has grown from 10 to 2000 members of staff in the last ten years, Wang Jipeng, admitted that “Fifteen years ago not a single Chinese company could have developed a mobile phone.” But now, the story is significantly different. China is gradually becoming a powerhouse in the technology world.

However, despite the country’s endless achievements, not everyone is happy. This is because house prices are rising, and many people have been forced from their homes by development officials. The president’s anti-corruption drive is another source of controversy, and the use of interrogation or ‘shuang gui’ has been described as a “breach of human rights” by a former state prosecutor.


By Amando Flavio, ANONHQ


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