[Controversial] Michael Jackson Not Dead?

Michael Jackson Not Dead?

Mr. Jackson was beleaguered by multiple lawsuits, declining health and advancing age. His bodyguards said in an interview that they hadn’t been paid for quite some time, however, millions of dollars were going out in lawsuits. Michael himself said that he wished he could just retire in peace. It was negatively effecting his children, his extended families, his mom, dad, brothers and sisters. many different points of interest point to him just changing his identity and moving to a new location where he wouldn’t be harassed any longer. In fact, one recording has him admitting that he has found a place to move to. this combined with his visits overseas and his sister Janet’s marriage to some royal in Qatar (i believe it was Qatar).

Anyway, my theory is that he is living in Qatar with his sister, protected by the royal family of that nation. Because of the hijab and abaya, he would have no problems blending in and actually living a better life than the non-stop threats, harassment and lawsuits he experienced in the USA. But before he left, he showed up disguised as a burn victim that he had helped and supported since he was a child, named Dave Dave. Here is Dave Dave on Larry king live. I think it’s Michael.


Here’s a good one about the casket: 
Above Top Secret


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