[Controversial] Before You Order Chinese Food, You Might Want See This

Disgusting chinese foods

Everyone loves going to the Chinese restaurant right? For relatively low cost you get a good amount of tasty food.

But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you want to have the curtain pulled and take a look at the actual conditions of where this restaurants Chinese food gets prepped, cooked, prepared and served, then here is a revealing view which will have you wondering how clean your favorite Chinese restaurant is.

Here is an absolutely shocking expose on a Chinese restaurant and the horribly filthy conditions in the kitchen. This guy walks around with a video camera and documents all the filth while adding commentary, which actually would be humorous if the conditions were not so horrid to look at.

Asian Garden in Littleton, New Hampshire is the restaurant which this guy documents. He’s part of a cleaning crew that had come in there three months prior and he is now shocked to see how it clearly hasn’t been cleaned since and the buildup of muck is overwhelming to view. Everything is left open, meats are mixed with veggies, a build up of mildew and grease abound everywhere, strange black particles in the food, and dead bugs stuck in the sauces.

After watching this, I would ask for a kitchen tour before eating in any restaurant next time I dine. Shocking!




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