[Trending] Today My Dog Donated Blood And I Took A Few Photos To Show How Easy It Is

There is no doubt to the people in my life that I truly love my dogs. They live very comfortable lives. Last year, I heard that there was a...

There is no doubt to the people in my life that I truly love my dogs. They live very comfortable lives.

Last year, I heard that there was a critical shortage of blood donor dogs in my area. I had never considered it before, that to have blood for dogs needing a transfusion there must also be ‘blood donor dogs’. I find many people do not know that this program exists.

There are many reasons dogs need transfusions, not just due to injury but also due to a variety of medical conditions like anemia, certain cancers, exposure to toxins and several other heartbreaking situations.

I called right away to see if my dog was a candidate and scheduled his intake appointment. The program allows eligible dogs to donate roughly every 12 weeks. This costs me nothing but a little bit of time and in return for Milo donating blood he receives a free yearly exam and blood panel, before each donation he gets a quick vet check and a lot of treats. We are also provided with yearly pest prevention medication for him. I am not sure every blood donor program offers this but ours does.

It is really quite simple and harmless to Milo. He met the weight requirement of being over 55lbs. Donor dogs can be between 1 and 6 yrs old with no health issues. Dogs also have several different blood types and some are more universal than others. Since Milo has a ‘valuable’ blood type, we will donate each time he can until he ages out since he can help the most dogs this way. Today Milo donated blood and I took a few photos to show everyone just how easy it is! Perhaps you have a dog that can become a blood donor dog… and become a hero to families in need of this most precious option to have a transfusion save their pet. Milo’s sister is going in for her intake appointment soon to see if she qualifies.

You can search online for a donation clinic in your area or ask your dog’s primary veterinarian for information about your dog becoming a blood donor dog.

Milo is always excited to go on adventures

He is a large boy. We were told Pit Lab mix, but due to his size…well, he has something else in there

When we arrive for his donation appointment he gets a quick exam and a lot of treats

Then we haul his 80+lbs of muscle on to the exam table. Since he is young and wiggly, we give him a very small dose of a sedative to help him relax for the donation

Once he has been to a few more donations (this was his second) we will be able to do this without the sedative

The vet shaves a little spot on his neck. The needle is very easy to insert with the hair gone

Since Milo had a little something to take the edge off, he is happy to hold still and be told what good boy he is

It takes only a few minutes to collect a blood donation

Here you can see he is all done and ready for more of those treats. This photo shows the bit of extra goofiness the sedation has on him

Milo is ready for his rewards – a whole can of the good dog food

I jokingly said, “it’s enough to save 12 chihuahuas,” and the vet said, “or 4 larger dogs”

Milo is happy to nap and snuggle the day away. This takes only a few hours of my year to have him participate in the blood donor program

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