[Trending] 98 Epic Design Fails That Are So Bad, We Can’t Believe They Actually Happened (New Pics)

By now, it looks like crappy design is something inherently human. There’s such an abundance of it, we’ll probably never run out of it. And...

By now, it looks like crappy design is something inherently human. There’s such an abundance of it, we’ll probably never run out of it. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, is there a better way of getting your daily dose of whahahahahahaha if not judging others for their mistakes? Bored Panda has prepared another crappy design list for you, poking fun at some of the most ridiculous projects that saw the light of day. From coffee mugs that were created to poke your eyes out to photography services producing outdated leaflets and beyond, scroll down to enjoy the crappy crappiness and upvote your faves.

Demons For Sale

Image credits: nortcara

Batgirl’s Bathroom

Image credits: poppadahut2

Very Useful And Clear

Image credits: aldopopp

Mother In Law Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Get A Sculpture Of This Beautiful Moment

Image credits: 59565956

This Cracker Display. From The Side; He’s Ready To Call The Big Game… From The Front; He’s Ready To Invade Poland.

Image credits: The_Brolander


Image credits: PapaNicholsUSA

The Woman Isn’t Driving In This Article About Women Being Better Drivers.

Image credits: Paprico

The Shower Curtain Rod That Can Rust

Image credits: Nolafaranono

The First Screen Says “Don’t”

Image credits: unSentAuron

The Colors On This Graph, Especially Since It Was On The Screen For Only A Few Seconds.

Image credits: I_So_Tired

A Pen My Teacher Gave Me

Image credits: Veyron730

Someone Doesn’t Know How Hangman Works

Image credits: TheSexyPizza

This Bff Necklace That Doesn’t Fit With The Other Piece

Image credits: HeyImTojo

Are We The Baddies?

Image credits: dahliabeta

These Stairs At My School.

Image credits: lixdy88

Your Toe Isn’t Stubbed Yet? Challenge Accepted.

Image credits: MistakesNeededMaking

Try Being Drunk And Walking Into This Place.

Image credits: KyouLV

Sink Attached To The Toilet, Forming A Perfect Slide

Image credits: batataqw89

Just Bought A New Pack Of Rulers

Image credits: MFramy

Ah Yes, The 18-24 Year Old Baby

Image credits: Whirboo_Whind

It’s cool just do it at night mate

Image credits: Corey_Austin1

I’m Literally Screaming Inside

Image credits: honny78

I Know Designs Are Usually Photoshopped On Stock Images But Still

Image credits: CharlotteRossss

Fences Are Intended To Prevent Bikes From Going On Sidewalk… But They Can Just Go Around It

Image credits: GeneralF_41

I Really Can’t Wrap My Head Around This

Image credits: TehsSuop

Where’s The 0?

Image credits: AlbertSPedersen

Lovely View

Image credits: aDisabledOrphan

This Computer

Image credits: ChaosBossYT

Hotel’s Mirror

Image credits: 5am281

Alrighty Then

Image credits: WhatTheFuckKanye

Anime Pewds

Image credits: bryteezykun

This Heater’s Own Heat Is Melting The Plastic

Image credits: Darkdreams28

My Schools Fine Arts Department Had Some Interesting Stickers

Image credits: Hey_Look_Whats_That

I Was Helping My Cousin With His German Homework And I Saw This Masterpiece.

Image credits: KociakPL

I don’t understand why these erasers exist… they just ruin everything

Image credits: Malvo85

Wife walked into a man relieving himself at the urinal

Image credits: SkyeLyte

Let🙏 God🙌 Arse🍑

Image credits: Jack_Bous

This Wheelchair Ramp

Image credits: RealMrAwesomeFace

What Animal Is That?

Image credits: seppukupenguin

It Looks Like Dirt

Image credits: Arlojay

How Could You Ever Make This Mistake…?

Image credits: DiscombobulatedFood9

Commas People

Image credits: TardyFriend3

Three For The Price Of One

Image credits: stidesforty

The Pattern On This Chinese Hotel’s Carpet Looks Like Blood And Jizz Stains.

Image credits: faithlessMia

Literally Nothing Is Correct

Image credits: ii_Tygerty


Image credits: RebelRebelHippie

Entering Through The Elephant’s Butthole

Image credits: hisa6170

Nothing Like The Smell Of Coffee And A Good Eye-Stab In The Morning

Image credits: CosmeBuzzanito

That’s Gonna Be An Easy Ride

Image credits: The_unchosen-one

This Picture In My English Textbook

Image credits: gabor016

Hey, Smoothskin

Image credits: bigtiddygoth_gf


Image credits: Vitrousis


Image credits: JeffThePug

Respect Womez

Image credits: p3ngu1ns-pl3ase

Our Charter Bus

Image credits: Koobers24

This Dentist’s Waiting Room

Image credits: Panda_911

He’s Taking Two Steps

Image credits: Cambrony

I Want To Know What Happened To His Head…

Image credits: Popkornak

May No Child Succeed

Image credits: Kaizoku-D

Ass Flops

Image credits: anthony-__-

Put Barbecue Sauce Inside For Extra Confusion

Image credits: stanfiction

Drop Down Menu On A Government Website

Image credits: makingitpurple

Gotta include one of these with every card! You’re going to need it after I cut your hair

Image credits: gamezjakee

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