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People love to troll online and things can get pretty nasty pretty quick. Even when it’s all in good fun like the subreddit r/RoastMe – dedi...

People love to troll online and things can get pretty nasty pretty quick. Even when it’s all in good fun like the subreddit r/RoastMe – dedicated to “humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke” – it’s important to remember that even when they are typed, words matter. As a response to ‘roast me’ another subreddit was born – r/ToastMe – “the polar opposite of r/RoastMe – only genuine and unique compliments by awesomely nice people are allowed here.”

Remember when one reddit user posted to r/RoastMe to ask for strangers to give him a reason to end it all but was met with loving support and compliments? Well, this page is filled with these kinds of wholesome and uplifting messages. Scroll down below to see some of the best compliments strangers have given and received, and upvote your favs, it may just restore your faith in both the internet and humanity!

I Wanted To Share A Big Milestone For Me. When I Was Deep In My Depression For Over A Decade I Had Planned To Disappear And Quietly Commit Suicide At Age 39. I Battled Depression And Found Reasons To Live. Today I Turned 40 And Can Now Assure My Past Self That It Does Get Better. Toast If You Want.

Image credits: charlesdparrott

Congratulations on making it to this huge milestone, you must be a very strong & determined person to have overcome this. Depression is so hard to deal with and anyone who comes out alive is a hero in my books. I’m sure glad you’re still around

Having A Bad Mental Health Day, Not Liking What I See In The Mirror Really Need Some Positive

Image credits: piratemunkee

Dude, I like what I see on my screen right now! You look like a really nice and gentle guy with really kind eyes. Here is a list of things I really like about you:

– You know how to prepare a mean charcuterie board

– You seem to be a very thoughtful and intelligent guy

– You seem to have a great sense of humour

– You absolutely rock that beard

– You love pirates

– You love monkeys

I found out about your existence 2 minutes ago and I already found so many things to like about you and I’m damn sure that I would fine 1000 more reasons to like you if I knew you a bit better.

Stay strong, my dude and never forget that you’re awesome and important!

Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder And Ptsd From Both Being Raped In 2001. Suffered Severe Verbal And Mental Abuse From 2011-2013 From Roommates. I Gained A Lot Of Weight From Trying To Eat Away My Issues, But Since 2016, I’ve Lost 105 Lbs. Starting To Get My Life Together.

Image credits: ThomasSkunk

Hey OP,be proud of what you’re doing ! So amazing trying to get your life in order ! No rush, do it slowly,but surely, build the bases, solid, unbreakable. I hope you are surrounded by love and support, otherwise we are here. One day youll be able to look at yourself with love and kindness cause that’s what you deserve ! Wish you the best.

Lost My Hair And My Breasts To Cancer Last Year. Have A Hard Time Feeling Feminine Now. This Week Has Been Particularly Hard And I Feel Really Alone. Would Appreciate A Light Toasting.

Image credits: giantmaneatingotters

You’re beautiful. Really very beautiful.

16m Still Having Issues With Self Worth And I Feel Like My Smile Is Really Ugly. But Recently I’ve Never Been Able To Say I Was Happy. I’m Happy I Found People Who Like Me For Me I Think. I Still Have Troubles Deciphering Who Likes Me Or Not. Thanks For Your Kind Words!!!

Image credits: Lunacti

You look like the coolest chillest guy ever man I would love to just hang and talk

In The Last 5 Months, I Worked Up The Courage To Leave An Abusive Marriage, Moved 16 Hours Away To Begin Life Anew. I’ve Lost 50 Lbs And Am Beginning To Establish Healthy Habits. Still Struggling With Depression And Cripplingly Low Self Esteem, But I Am Starting To Feel Like One Badass Woman.

Image credits: ladybeastmode99

Good on you! You will inspire everyone you share your story with. And your smile is beautiful, I hope you see it more and more with your new life.

I Was Raped A Couple Of Months Ago. Don’t Feel Like Living Anymore. Could Really Use A Toast.

Image credits: westryderlunatic

Hey! First of all, let me tell you that I know how you feel, since I went through the same twice, even though it was some years ago with 12 and 15.

So I absolutely can relate to your resignation, frustration and overall apathy towards taking any action to change anything.

The despair and anxiety that comes with it is truly one of the most horrible things I can imagine and I still haven’t overcome it yet. But please believe me if I say, that it’ll get better as time goes on, as long as you try changing things and getting better. A thikg my dad told me once and that helped me a lot:

There will be meltdowns. There will be setbacks. There will be days and weeks in which you feel as if nothing is moving forward, that you have made no progress at all, and that is absolutely normal and natural. But don’t ever forget that there isn’t just “feeling great” and “feeling crushed and devastated”, there are hundreds of millions of shades in between. Every step you make towards the “feeling great” side of the spectrum is a success. Even if yiu have a meltdown and go so many steps back, you always have to stand up and keep walking. Even if 99 attempts fail, it’ll be worth every drop of sweat and tear you lost on your journey when the 100th attempt succeeds.

It isn’t easy. You won’t be over it in just a few month or years. But it’ll get better, step by step. Even if it takes babysteps. No matter how painful reality is, it is all over once you stop trying to change how things are.

there will be despair, nights where you wake up crying, in the middle of a panic attack, days where you feel as if everything you do is a farce and that you are a burden to everyone around you. Again, it is natural that those thoughts come up, but never let them fully corrupt you

I don’t know if you are the same as me, but one of the things that made me desparate was the thought that nobody fully understands how I feel. But that is not the point. That is to some degree a good thing. Having someone fully understand you would most likely end in them breaking down as well. It is a GOOD thing to have people who don’t see the whole picture, who bring another perspective to it, who see it maybe from a much more positive side. Don’t focus so much on what others don’t understand than rather what they may understand and wzat other perspectives they bring into the whole situation.

You are truly beautiful and have such an amazingly adorable, well proportioned face all while beeing so skilled in your paintings/drawings to such an impressive dwgree (I’m sorry if that comes across creepy, I went through your post history)

I’m sure that a smile from you with your face and appereance would look absolutely stunning and gorgeous! I hope you’ll cope with it well and show the world your smile more often.

I wish you the best for your future and am sure you’ll overcome this whole incident someday!

Years Of Emotional Abuse From My Father And Denial/Enabling From My Mother Came To A Head Today. I’m Sitting In A Parking Lot Watching The Snow Fall And Crying. Please Give Me A Reason To Stop.

Image credits: paitenanner

You are beautiful and will meet people in life who truly value you

57 Year Old Granny, Got A Job Interview Next Week, Wish Me Luck!

Image credits: happygramma62

Your smile looks just like my mothers, its warm and friendly. Show them this exact smile and I’m sure you’re gonna feel all the confidence you need! Keep us posted about the job!

I Overdosed On Klonopin After Being Drugged At A Party. I Stayed In Psychiatric Hospitals Where I Was Diagnosed With Borderline Personality. My Boyfriend Of Four Years Ghosted Me For This For A Week And Proceeded To Break Up With Me Over The Phone While I Was In The Hospital. I Really Need A Win.

Image credits: Koi-Nami

You look like a lovely woman with a big heart. I agree with the other poster who said you look angelic. You’re quite beautiful and I love your clear spectacles, they have a lot of character. Your mental illness need not preclude you from a happy, fruitful life. You certainly deserve a loving husband who sticks by you through the thick and thin, and loves you equally at worse as at your best. If you ever want to talk to someone else who suffers mental illness, feel free to message me.

41 Both Parents Got Sick With Cancer And Dad Has Been Dead Since October. No Real Joy In Life. Feel Worthless And Unattractive And Old. Everything Feels Meaningless. Toast Me Please?

Image credits: mikewise77

Hi. To be honest, I comment on here pretty sparingly. But I am sending this message as you seem like one of the few people on here who genuinely needs a toast. It’s your eyes – they look sad to the point it makes me feel it almost.

I am only 24, I have never been depressed, lost a parent or experienced a relative with cancer. I cannot hope to possibly relate to how you feel. But I truly hope you get through this.

I love your beard by the way, and the slicked back hair really suits you. You also have a really kind face, and such expressive eyes. You are the kind of guy that if I saw out, I would want to smile at, and would happily ask for help or directions if I ever needed help.

I would strongly suggest you go to a doctor or some kind of therapy to help you deal with things. I know in the UK, there are a few cancer charities that help the families going through it and will give you a call to check in on you regularly. I know it may feel pointless or difficult sometimes but try and get out and try new things, joins some groups, keep active and just try to clear your mind. You don’t want to be stuck dwelling in a negative headspace.

Take care of yourself mate.

My Dad Had A Heart Attack And Is Now In A Coma. Doctors Don’t Know If He’ll Live. I’m Currently 1000 Miles Away Studying Abroad. Mom And Sister Are Depending On Me For Emotional Support. I Feel Absolutely Nothing And Haven’t Slept In A Week. Don’t Want To Talk Or See Anyone. I Don’t Know What To Do.

Image credits: Just_a_college_girl

My younger brother has been fighting a hard cancer for the past year and a half now and there have been plenty of dark moments. Sometimes the best you can do is all you can. Keep being strong for your family. they are in the midst of the situation, emotionally and physically drained and looking to you for support. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask others for help (a big mistake I made when I needed it). Be gentle with yourself. You and your family will get through this. I wish you all the best and I will be thinking of you and your dad. Side note: you are stunningly beautiful.

20yr Old Guy. My Bestfriend/GF Of 4.5 Years Cheated On Me. Guy She Cheated On Me With Has Been Harassing Me Over Social Media, And She Ousted Some Very Personal Info About Me To My Family Without My Permission. Been Crying At Work, Thankfully I’m Here Alone Today.

Image credits: Kansasthrowaway1998

Damn, feeling bad for you. But i think we can all agree that you deserve way better and it’s probably the best you two broke up. It may hurt quite a time, but I’m sure you’ll get better and hopefully find a woman who deserves you, because you seem like a very nice guy. Keep it up!

Toast Me, A Finally Happy 28 Year Old Virgin Man Who Now Realises That”She” Is Out There And Will Make Herself Known Soon.

Image credits: mlsbeerclub

If your personality is just as nice as your looks, I bet she will be there soon, cutie pie.

Hey Everybody, Since I Said I’d Give An Update Regarding My Test, Here It Is— I Passed!!! I Not Only Passed A 130 Wpm Test But I’m Also Quite Certain I Passed A 140 Too. More In Comments :)

Image credits: crazybabebathsheba

Dude, this is awesome, great work! Keep up with chasing the goals. I have a lot of friends pursuing (several of whom just finished up) PhD’s, and my wife is chasing her masters.

Times can be really hard. Sacrifices are frequent. Nervousness, and downtrodden feelings are common.

But you know what?

It all is worth it in the end. Once you achieve your goals – and you will! – you will look back and say, “Man, that time really fucking sucked. BUT, it was all for a reason. And it was all temporary. And all of it was was worth it!”.

I wish you the best, and I hope you can keep on kicking ass. More people need to be achievers and realize that it is 100% okay to feel bad, or even depressed at times. But keep yourself focused on the long term and you’ll realize that, as your scope narrows on that end goal, the peripheral things will fall by the wayside.

You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. But I am proud of you,

New Mama, Feeling Incredibly Insecure. Just Need To Know I’m Not A Lactating Blob.

Image credits: fostersmama

You look so hip it’s like you’re posing with someone else’s kid for the karma. Seriously stop being so cool.

I’m A Suicide Survivor, One And A Half Months Sober, And Falling Deep Into Depression Again. I Could Really Use Some Encouragement.

Image credits: SobrietyIsAVirtue

It may not always “get better” but I think the good moments are worth sticking around for.

I came to this conclusion yesterday when I was explaining what it was like watching my father slowly die from sclerosis of the liver. My boss asked if my boyfriend would be better off not moving to WV to help his mom who has finally refused anymore chemo. My boss said it would do more damage to him psychologically than if he stayed here. I explained to him my experience.

When I was 15 my Dad really started tp deteriorate into wet brain, which is almost exactly like dementia, and the 6 months up to his death were very mentally scaring. However, and here is where you come in, I would not trade all that pain and mental health damage for anything because I got to have 2 more good memories with my Dad. Now, my Dad wasn’t around much and was verbally abusive at times, but I love that man. He is a war hero and just was really fucked up from his childhood but I only have 4 truly good memories with him. Had I not been around for his final 6 month of life then I would only have 2 truley good memories. The best memories are from that 6 months, the highest echelon of pain and misery I witnessed, and I wouldn’t trade that time for a blankness or replacement because I would lose those two precious memories.

Maybe you don’t have memories to hold on to yet, the first time I attempted suicide at age 12 I didn’t have them either, but they will come. I won’t promis that it will get better, but I do promis that there will be better times that are worth the pain and misery.

I once read something that really helped me: when you take your life, you are not removing your pain. The pain is taken on by anyone and everyone who loved you. Your pain, like all energy, doesn’t die with you it just goes into the world. Suicide won’t stop the pain, it will just give it to others.

Bit of a guilt trip but it helped me put my feelings into perspective. It may not for you because we are all unique.

Good luck my friend.

F/22, Just Found Out My (Now Ex) Boyfriend Was Cheating On Me With His Other Ex-Girlfriend And The Whole Relationship Was A Lie Just To Financially Drain And Manipulate Me, And All Of Our “Friends” Knew About It. Having A Very Hard Time Finding A Positive Outlook On Life Right Now. Pls Be Nice To Me

Image credits: natralala

Wow, some people can be assholes, but you’re not, and that’s what good about you, not to mention how great you look with your glasses!

A Year Ago My BF Of 4 Years Left Me For Another Girl. I’m In A Much Better Place Than I Was, But Knowing The Anniversary Of That Day Is Coming Up And The Fact That They Have A Baby Due In A Month… It’s Wearing On Me A Bit. Plus I’m Having A Bit Of A Quarter-Life Crisis. Could Use Some Toasting!

Image credits: alwaysflowerrs

You dodged a bullet girl. It’s amazing how life can change so quickly and all of a sudden you’re out of a relationship that wasn’t good for you and you’re on your own path with your own happinesses. Don’t let what someone else did get you down. You’re good and doing well and that’s all there is to it.

I’m Going To Come Out As Lesbian Today And I’m Actually Terrified. Could Use A Toast! ♥

Image credits: xxxuire

Hey as a Dad who’s daughter came out to me a couple months ago I just want to say you are very brave. It was such a hard thing for my daughter to do, but the relationship we have became stronger because of her talking about this. Trust in yourself, you are a beautiful young person who is already making responsible adult decisions. I hope it goes well for you, and I’m sending you a virtual dad hug for your bravery.

16m. I’m Scared That My Two Friends Hate Me. They’re Inseparable. And I’ve Messed Up A Lot With My Constant Barrage Of Emotions. Feeling Scared, Alone, And Down. All 3 Of Us Are Talking Again Tomorrow. Would Like Some Positivity.

Image credits: Lunacti

Have they said they hate you? A lot of the time our fears and anticipation of important events (or even small ones) end up being far worse than what actually plays out. Go there and be the honest and open guy you have been here. Tell them you value them and you will show them exactly the top guy that you are.

Knock em…. Well, go be awesome my friend

It’s My Birthday [29] And I’m Spending It Alone, And In Pain. Wouldn’t Refuse A Little Love If You’ve Got Any To Spare.

Image credits: NotyourWatermelon

I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time but I promise things will get better. I just turned 29 this year as well and it has been a rough 2 years to say the least. You look like such a genuine loving spirit. You also having gorgeous eyes and such a sweet look about you. I wish you the best and am sending love and good vibes your way pretty lady

I’m 22, Close To Being Fired For “Below Standard Job Performance”, I’m Far Behind On My School Work, Battling Severe Depression, And I’m At The End Of My Rope – Yet I’ve Tied A Knot At The End And I’m Trying To Hold On. I Just Need To Hear Some Kind Words.

Image credits: kelpsmarie

You made a wise choice with your tattoo artist, you’re pretty as can be. Hang in there, things will get better. (If they don’t I hope you’re seeing a professional, I know the struggle.)

Recovering Alcoholic Here, Celebrating A Year And A Half Of Sobriety Tomorrow! 1.5 Years Ago, I Had Plans To Kill Myself – Now I Couldn’t Be Happier!

Image credits: britneyspearscirca07

Congrats on your success. I wish you much more.

14 Year Old Female, Diagnosed With Aspergers, Adhd, Anxiety, Social Anxiety And Depressive Tendencies. I’ve Been Heavily Anorexic Since I Was 11 And Got Bit By A Dog, I’m Finally Average Weight. Ive Had It Hard The Past Few Weeks And Would Like Some Complications To Boost My Confidence. Thank You.

Image credits: cutehorsefan

It’s incredibly impressive that you managed to get back to average weight from being heavily anorexic – it says a lot about your strength as a person, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. And you look really good!

You sound like you’ve been dealt a really difficult hand in life, but you’re trying and succeeding in making the best out of it, for which you deserve all the admiration in the world. Don’t hesitate to seek help with your problems, but don’t think that they define you in any way. With the willpower you have, you can achieve anything you want in life.

Also, your hair has a really nice colour!

I Realized Today That Everyone In My 8 Member Department At Work Got Catered Lunch For Their Birthday Except Me. Could Use A Pick Me Up.

Image credits: sibandaud

You are the girl who makes everything move in slow motion when she enters the party in a 90’s movie.

In The Last 6 Months I’ve Lost My Dad, 2 Jobs, 2 Childhood Pets, My Girlfriend, And Had To Put Our Dog Up For Adoption. Here’s A Toast To Everyone Starting Back At Square One.

Image credits: _To_Shreds_You_Say

It’s only up from here mate, be strong!!

Halfway Through My Weight Loss Journey, Lost 30kg In 2018. Recently Earned My Private Pilots License. Here’s To 2019!

Image credits: Loganpilot1

Your eyes are incredible! Great job takin some time to treat yourself well, my dude. That takes a lot of determination.

Tomorrow I’m Going To Court Against My Rapist And Could Really Use Some Words Of Encouragement

Image credits: doodlebug4322

I’m so proud of you!!!! My Friend is preparing to go to court against her abuser decades after the abuse. I love you brave ladies! I wish you the best.

Finished Treatment For Opioid Addiction, Have Over Seven Months Clean, And Just Accepted A Job Offer! Toast Me!

Image credits: thatonecouch

Yes girl!!!! I am BEYOND PROUD OF YOU!! Addiction is f*****g tough, and now look at you!! 7 months!! That’s huge! AND a new job!! It’s a whole new chapter for you! You did it. Your hard work paid off.

Seriously, so proud of you!!!

School Is Overwhelming, I Want To Be A Peaceful Goat Farmer In The Himalayas And Not Have To Worry About Money

Image credits: flobnar

You look like a wood elf!!! Your face structure is absolutely stunning!

I hope your classes lighten up (I’m in college, so I feel ya) and you get your home in the woods!

I Finally Quit My Toxic Job! Bye Bye Abusive Boss, Low Self-Esteem And Anxiety! I’m So Proud Of Myself Since It Was My Dream Job, Please Toast Me!

Image credits: ninalye

I can see the pure unadulterated joy in your face, well done!

I Have Schizotypal Pd Which Makes Nearly Every Human Interaction Very Stressful For Me & I’m Very Lonely As A Result. New Meds Aren’t Helping. I’m Also A Court Reporting Student Who Will Be Attempting To Pass Another 130 Wpm Test Today With Little Hope. Could Use A Toast.

Image credits: crazybabebathsheba

Best of luck with your exam!!! Take a deep breath and do what you can. Don’t let the test get the best of you!

16 Yo Finnish Girl Here. Ive Just Come Out As Bisexual To A Couple Of My Friends And They Havent Responded Yet, So I Could Use Some Words Of Encouragement.

Image credits: Polliisimestari

Did you hear that? It was the female population of finland going “yes!” when they found out you don’t only fancy guys.

Exams Coming Up, Could Really Use A Little Toasting :)

Image credits: iari049

I thought super models didn’t need to worry about exams

My First Ever Date Just Got Cancelled. Ive Never Had A Girlfriend, While All My Friends Are Starting Families. Feeling Unworthy Of Love & Affection. Also Struggling With Being A Full-Time Student And Trying To Help Take Care Of My Ailing Grandma. It’s Looking Like This May Be Her Last Year Too.

Image credits: kingfleebus1010

Not having a relationship until later in life is seriously underrated. Especially for guys. Take the time to get to know yourself, finish your school, be with your family and your grandma and when you meet someone you will already have a full life and that person will enhance what is already amazing.

21m Here. First Time Posting My Face On This Account. I’ve Struggled With Issues Related To Depression, Anxiety, Suicide For Years. I’ve Never Had A Positive Self-Image, But My Heart Is Overflowing With Love. I’m Trying To Convince Myself That I Have Some Intrinsic Worth.

Image credits: DNAviolation

Oh, dude, you’re really attractive. You’ve got a real warm and sunny face that hopefully reflects the kinda person you are! I know it’s really hard to believe anything positive when your brain actively works against you, but I’m so glad you’ve still got all that love in your heart, that’s something to cling onto. I hope things get brighter for you

I’m In The Middle Of The Worst 4 Months Of My Life. It Feels Like I’m Cursed. Im Sick As Hell For The Fourth Time. No Insurance. I Work With Suicidal Kids So The Sadness Never Ends. This Feels Like Blatant Validation Seeking But I Could Really Use Something Positive.

Image credits: Ferninja

Nice f****** hair mate

Haven’t Taken A Shower In 8 Days(When My Dad/Best Friend Died), Haven’t Gone To The Gym Or Practice, Given Up On My Diet, Only Been To 3 Classes At School And Just An Overall Mess. Could Use Some Motivation For The Coming Week

Image credits: Thossi99

You went to three classes! Good for you! Now… Small steps… Take a shower. It really will make you feel better. Let your instructors know what your going through. Now, a toast, here’s to a guy in college that cares enough to go to a gym that had a really great friend his whole life. Here’s to you imagining what your had would say (mine would chuck me on the shoulder and say, boy wash your dirty ass…). Here’s to you doing what we all do every day.

Going Through A Very Bad Patch With My Boyfriend. Really Struggling With Severe Anxiety/Depression And Chronic Health Issues Flaring Up. I’m Just In A Lot Of Emptional/Physical Pain And Could Use Some Toasting.

Image credits: VDaineSarassri

Ok, hi, you’re beautiful and your hair is awesome. And your make-up, I wish I had those make up skills.

Aside from that, know that just getting up in the morning with everything you’re going through is SUCH an accomplishment. This crap is hard – especially chronic illness. You’re doing amazingly – better than most people who would be in your shoes – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I don’t know anything about your bf, but he’s clueless if he doesn’t understand how lucky he is to have someone as strong as you!

13/M, Parents Got A Divorce, Then My Dad Died Of Cancer And I’m Living With My Grandma. I’d Like Some Toast Please

Image credits: hi_hungry

look, i’m not gonna deny. that’s some heavy stuff man and i’m sorry you’re going through it. know that there’s much more to look forward to in your life and i genuinely hope you get to experience the good that will happen to you. if you’re ever down shoot me a pm, i truly mean this when i say it, hang in there, you’ve got so much to look forward to.

5 Years Ago I Was In A Pretty Nasty Car Accident That Left Me In Chronic Pain. I Went From 140 Pounds To Almost 300 In Just Under A Year. Two Years Ago I Changed My Diet, And Lost Nearly 100 Of That. Here’s Me. 198 Pounds Today, Sweaty Post Gym Selfies! 🤘🏻

Image credits: mytinyfeet

Congratulations on losing that weight. So sorry about the chronic pain. That’s me and my ankle after a fall 14 years ago. (Does the exercise lessen your pain? I hit a sweet spot with walking that is short-lived, but that’s still a few welcome hours without pain)

You are strong, though. You survived that accident and you had the will-power to change your eating habits and look at you now! Badass.

You got this far. Just keep going! You can do it!

I Turn 20 Today After Saying I’d Kill Myself Before Then. Survived My Suicide Attempt In 2017 And Have Spent These Years Working On Healthy Coping Skills. After Years Of Trauma And Hiding My Identity As A Transgender Man, I’m Still Alive, Transitioning, And Much Happier! Let’s Toast!

Image credits: christian2pt0

Happy birthday, my dude! I’m so proud of you for not only keeping on with your life, but living in a way that affirms your identity! And you’re handsome af.

13m/Feeling Like All My Friends Hate Me/Closeted Bi/British With Low Self Esteem. Could Use A Toast Right Now

Image credits: Squidw00d

long, long time ago I was a 13 year old closeted bi myself. as time goes by things get easier, you meet real friends who accept you.

chin up, no need for low self esteem. I am convinced you are not only super sweet but a super fun person to hang out with as well.

(28m) Last Year I Was Struggling With Social Anxiety And Wasn’t Meeting New People, This Year I Have Met Too Many People To Count

Image credits: aguadiablo

Congrats! That’s a huge step! Keep up the good work, man. You should be super proud of yourself.

My Dog Died On My 30th Birthday This Year. Two Months Later My Girlfriend Left Me. My Father Is Sick With A Heart Condition That No Doctor Is Able To Figure Out. My Head Is Filled With Lots Of Negative Thoughts Of Her And The Indecision Of My Life. Toast Me

Image credits: DetectiveMagicMan

Your pup held out so s/he could spend one last big day with you. You’re only 30, you have lots of time left to recalibrate and see where your life is leading to. I hope your Dad gets better, and knows how lucky he is to have a son as caring as you. And in the spirit of toasting, you have a lovely face.

Been Dealing With Addiction Silently For Most Of My Life. This Week I Am 9 Weeks Sober After Completing Intensive Rehab Treatment. I Still Keep This Hidden From Most Of My Family, But For Me, This Is The Beginning Of A Whole New Life. I’m Eternally Grateful To Be Here Today, Sober.

Image credits: Theloyalcatlady

Congrats. Addiction is a b**** stay strong. I know you can do it

Friend Told Me To Post Here. 13f With Terrible Self Esteem, I Hate Basically Everything About Myself And Am Finding It Hard To Do Basic Tasks Right Now. Please Make Taking This Photo Worth It.

Image credits: whoops-thats-an-alt

I was the same way at your age. I’m sorry you are dealing with that. It gets better I promise. Physically, you are beautiful and your hair is AMAZING – don’t worry about any of that! You might want to take a peek at r/curlyhair, there might be a routine there that can make the curls even better.

On a more personal level, I can’t say much because I don’t know you, but it takes a strong person to be able to admit that they are unhappy and ask for help, and to be able to see things in themselves they want to improve. Don’t forget to find the good in yourself though. It might hurt at first if it feels impossible but just keep trying and you’ll find qualities in yourself you can appreciate. Just be easy on yourself, remember not to take life too seriously, and do your best to have fun with it and you will be more than fine. :)

It’s My One Month Anniversary From Getting Out Of The Hospital For A Suicide Attempt, Show My Brain That I’m Supposed To Be Alive!

Image credits: Hellfire12345677

I’m so proud of you for making it thise far!

I’m A Greasy, Blemish-Riddled Mess. Really Flopping In Education And My Self Esteem Is Almost Nonexistent, And My Declining Mental Health Isn’t Helping. Also, Autism Is A Bitch. If Anyone Could Help Me Take A Break From Wanting To Die With Some Toastin’, Me And My Wonky Eyes Would Appreciate It 🥰

Image credits: peachystars

HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU DO YOUR EYELINER???? ITS PERFECT. And so are you. You’re so beautiful! Beautiful eye color, beautiful hair, beautiful everything. Hang in there gorgeous! :]

M19, 6’1 Indian. I Uploaded Before And Now I Got Shave, A Short Trim And A Nice Hot Bath! Will Be Recovering From An Knee Injury Soon To Hit The Gym, Pls Ignore My Stupid Smile Cause I Will Way To Excited To Share This

Image credits: Bitgammer

You look even better than last time! I’m really glad you’re doing better, and that smile of yours makes me smile as well, it’s just too contagious. Keep it up!

In The Last Year, I: Beat Depression, Anxiety, Completed Therapy For Ptsd, And Finally Learned How To Love Myself. Although Today Was A Really Hard Day, I Know I’m On The Upward Spiral. I Love You All.

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Yes!!! So happy for you and proud to see others with depression and other mental health issues doing their best to beat it! It’s day by day my friend. also, you have the most beautiful honey eyes I swear I could get lost in them!! I wish you nothing but the best.

26/F. Buried My Grandpa On Tuesday, Failing All Of My College Classes Due To Depression/Anxiety, Lacking In Motivation And Energy, Hate My Appearance, And In My Exhaustion I Accidentally Wrote R/Clexkate Instead Of U/Clexkate. Toast Me Pls.

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You’re cute as f*** and only you can prevent forest fires!

My Fiancée Broke Things Off With Me. Every Goal And Dream I’ve Had For The Past 2 Years Is Now Gone. Idk What To Do. I Could Use A Boost.

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When life hands you lemons, you find a new life! The hardest part of ending is starting again, but everyone can do it. That’s both the pain and beauty of the human condition. I’m sorry all this has happened to you but hopefully you can use these experiences to come out stronger on the other side. It was John Lennon that said “… everything turns out okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” What that means to me is pain and suffering and failure are just natural parts of life and they’re conditional. As long as we keep moving forward, even inches at a time, we have the power to rise above the bad times and succeed eventually. This is no different. If all your dreams just died, have new ones. Set new goals. That all sounds good from the outside looking in, I know, but it’s how it’s gotta be right now. Good luck, you don’t look helpless, I know for a fact you’re not worthless. Set some new goals and go after them! Good luck, I believe in you! Lots of love from this end!

My Mental Health Declines Every Day. Im Embarrased How Much Weight Ive Put On And Im Unhealthity Obsessed With It. Im Having Trouble With Attaining My Dream Job After Working So Hard For It. Havent Had A Relationship In Almost 5 Years. Please Toast Me. ♥

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Your mental health challenges do not define who you are. You are wonderful and beautiful, and your calling is just around the corner. Keep your head up! We’re rooting for you.

Currently Having A Depression, But It’s Getting Better. I Still Have Problems Accepting The Way I Am, I Have Low Self-Esteem And Feel Like The Biggest Idiot Quite Frequently. Never Been In A Relationship And Could Need A Toast.

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You seem like a dude who gives really nice hugs and you have a nice face

[18f] Taking 22 Hours Of Classes Is Killing Me, Spring Break Is Over, And The Character I’ve Been Playing In Dungeons & Dragons For Over 6 Months Died In Combat Yesterday. Worst Day Ever. Toast Me Golden, Please!

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A few more weeks, those 22 credit hours will go on your transcript and you’ll be well on your way to your degree. You’ll come up with another D&D character and play it with more experience. You may not feel too great now, yet you look like an anime character.

After 16 Years Of Avoidance I Am Finally Dealing With The Fact That I Am A Victim Of Childhood Sexual Abuse, And Rape As An Adult. Currently Feeling Dirty, Worthless, And Hopelessly Depressed.

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YOU ARE SO STRONG. This realization takes so much strength, I am so proud of you.

Also you are completely gorgeous! Your hair looks so healthy and your eyes are big and bright – absolutely stunning!

I’m Graduating From High School Half A Semester Early, Beat Depression, Got A Job, And I’m Moving Out At 17. I Went From Failing Every Class To An Early Grad With A’s And B’s. Feeling Really Good Right Now.

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Turned your life around like you turned your cam around

Lost My Mother The Day After I Was Married, 3 Years Ago. Lost My Daddy A Year Ago Right After My Birthday. Lost A Baby Earlier This Year. And Today, I Am Finally Able To Begin Cleaning Out My Parents House Of All Their Things. Tired Of Living In A Shrine To The Dead. A Toast Might Help.

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Your parents clearly raised you with love and incredible strength. They would be so proud to see how you’re honoring their memory by improving your life.

M17, I Work Two Jobs, All My Friends Do Is Laugh At Me, Everyday Someone Tells Me To “Smile” Or “Cheer Up” When They Really Have No Idea. Could Use A Little Happiness Right Now.

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17 and you have two jobs? That is some GODLY work ethic you’ve got going on there

Today I Got A Job, Passed My Hr Certification, And Found A House To Move In To When My Husband Gets Out Of The Military. After Months Of Studying And Fighting Crippling Depression And Anxiety I Am Finally Seeing The Light! Cheers, Reddit!

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Congrats for showing depression and anxiety who’s in charge, make sure those f****s don’t forget!

Eczema Has Taken Over My Face And Body. I Haven’t Been Exercising Bc The Sweat Dries Out My Skin. I’m Gaining Weight. I Haven’t Done My Hair Or Makeup In Months. I’m Stressed Out And Depressed. I Don’t Feel Beautiful, And My Self Esteem Is Plummeting. Toast Me Pls.

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You ARE beautiful, your face is pretty and your messy bun might not be styled, but it still looks great. I am going to correct your title – you have some eczema on your body, it hasn’t taken over.

You could maybe try some yoga to keep in shape and destress, without sweating. Sending love to you.

[20m] Apparently In My Romantic Life, The Words “You’re The Best Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had”, Is Followed By Being Cheated On Or Lied To. Oh Well.. Maybe One Day. Just Been Feeling Garbage-Y Lately. A Little Toasting Would Hopefully Make Me Be A Little Less Hard On Myself.

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I’m sorry man, people can do really s***y things. But you’re young yet, date around and have some fun. With looks like your’s you should be able to get a ton of dates no matter who tickles your fancy

My Life Is A Mess Right Now, And That’s Okay! I Could Use Some Words Of Encouragement, Though. For Every Toast, I’ll Reply With One Thing That Makes Me Happy. Maybe I Can Cheer Some Of You Up, Too!

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I get a strong sense that you’re an awful lot like me, as this is a title that I would post. So, here’s something I’ve been having to tell myself when life gets me down.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to take a step back and gather yourself again. In the meantime, life will always go on, and it’ll still be there when you’re done with your sorrows!

Keep in mind the good times. It’s wonderful to want to make people happy – it’s an asset to be kind – but you must remember to also be kind to yourself!

I Was Diagnosed At 16 With Schizoaffective Disorder, And Am Now Dealing With It Getting Progressively Worse In My 20’s. It’s Getting A Little Harder To Keep My Symptoms Tucked Away And I Would Be Incredibly Appreciative Of Any Kind Words! Toast Me!

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Let’s see …

You’re definitely not ugly.

You have purdy eyes.

You look like a very groovy and generally interesting person to hang out with. Someone who could hold a deep conversation.

You’re fighting an uphill battle and still standing, which makes you probably stronger than you realise and definitely stronger than many who think they’re strong.

High five for the awesome hairdo :)

24m. Just Got Out Of A Relationship Where My Ex Cheated On Me And Left Me With Horrible Self Esteem. Hoping I Can Get A Boost From This Amazing Community.

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Hey, it‘s amazing that you‘ve got away from this toxic relationship! Now you can focus on someone who is worth your time :D

Besides, you look amazing! ;)

Film Student Who Plays Pipe Organ, Bass And Sax. Did A Roast Me Yesterday And Since Today’s My Birthday I Thought I’d Do A Toast Me. (Advice Welcome)

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the amount of talent you possess is amazing! so many instruments and so much ambition, it’s great. love that hairstyle on you as well. happy birthday, i hope it treats you well :)

French Medstudent, Stressed Out, Tired And Anxious About The Future Needs A Little Toast To Help Brighten Her Day!

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if your future is half a bright as your smile it will all work out wonderfully

13/M Been Dealing With Family Issues And Low Self Esteem. Could Use As Many Pick Me UPS As Possible. Repost Bc Of Better Lighting.

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Hugs to you, bud. Keep your chin up!

Know that you can’t control what is happening around you sometimes, but try to put a positive spin on it and see what life lessons you can learn and grow from. Try to find your happiness and run with it!

Over The Past 5 Years Or So, I’ve Gained About 30 Pounds. Every Time I Manage To Lose Some Weight, I Quickly Put Them Back On. It’s Really Effected How I See Myself, And Although I Want To Start My Weight Loss Journey, I’m Trying To Get Better At Accepting Myself Now Too

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You have beautiful eyes and that manicure is on point!

Life’s Actually Going Pretty Great. I Just Like Compliments 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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I’ve been waiting for a happy post like this! Great job being you! Keep up the good work!

My Insecurities Have Been Hitting Me Really Hard Emotionally Lately- To The Point I Called Out Of Work Today To Lay In Bed Instead. Toast Me.

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This is a long convoluted compliment so hang on. I’ve been going through a photoshop touch up boot camp. Every day for hours I edit away wrinkles and blemishes for business card head shots. It’s ingrained in me now. Every photo I see I run through in my head what I need to fix. Before I knew what your photo was for my mind screamed “easy one, nothing to fix”. So it might no mean much but both my subconscious and conscious mind think you’re beautiful

Been Struggling With Pulling Both My Quads (It’s Getting Better) And Body Image Lately. Could Use A Little Love In Me Life.

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Dude I don’t know how you are struggling with your body image, you are beautiful… I love your hair! And I hope you feel better soon!

Just Had A Pretty Bad Fight With My Mom. She Told Me I Was Fat As A Pig And That “All She Wanted Was A Pretty Daughter”. Needless To Say That Nice Words Would Be Appreciated, I’m Feeling Pretty Bad Right Now.

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Hard to hear of a mother saying such a thing as she has a pretty daughter already

This Is My Second Post On This Sub. (Stupid Me Deleted The First One). Last Time I Posted I Was Super Depressed Because Noone Remembered My Birthday But All Your Wishes And Kind Words Made My Day. I Just Wanted To Thank Everyone Who Is Making Someone’s Day Better By Being Nice And Supportive. 🧡

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Wow, you’re really gorgeous

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