[Trending] The #Trashtag Is Challenging People To Make The World A Better Place By Cleaning It Up

Hashtags and viral challenges usually represent funny or iconic moments in pop culture, but there is a new viral movement that has taken off...

Hashtags and viral challenges usually represent funny or iconic moments in pop culture, but there is a new viral movement that has taken off whose goal isn’t to entertain – but to help save the planet.

1.3 billion tonnes of household waste is generated per year and only 258 -368 million tons of it ends up in the 50 largest dumpsites, and million tons of it ends up in the ocean, 80% of which comes from mainland waste. Well, the new hashtag #trashtag wants everyone to chip in to chip away at this trash problem. People are challenged to take a before photo of an area that is in need of intense trash clean-up, followed by an after photo of the beautified area.

The hashtag blew up on social media after a reddit user posted a screenshot of someone who had completed the challenge, with the caption: “Here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it here.” Scroll down below to see some of the best photos from this environmentally-friendly hashtag and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#trashtag seems to be trending. This one’s from Nepal 🇳🇵

Image credits: kelllvvviiinnn

Cleaned up a beach in Belgium!

Image credits: v0y4ge


Image credits: frizhbee


Image credits: to112life


Image credits: RMcNeil2105


Image credits: getyerfix


Image credits: rcc_pipes


Image credits: getyerfix


Image credits: getyerfix


Image credits: daavidcabrera_

This Is Just A Work Of An Hour! #trashtag

Image credits: 4tpn

3 Women Cleaned Up This Area Together. #trashtag

Image credits: buttsaginton10


Image credits: CoryLew


Image credits: dhth7a


Image credits: CoolPics


Image credits: steben316


Image credits: v0y4ge


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Image credits: v0y4ge


Image credits: katieboue

People Are Starting To Accept The Challenge

Image credits: qevoh

We Come From A Small Island Called Bahrain Where People Don’t Care About The Beaches Cleanliness. This Us Our Contribution

Image credits: iKojan

Beach cleanup in Bohol, Philippines. 250kg of trash collected in an hour. #trashtag

Diesel And I Made A Contribution Today At Our Local Trail In Indiana!

Image credits: NOTaUSERNAMEperson

Took A Bike Ride Around A Local Park, Collected This In Just About An Hour. I Noticed So Much More Garbage Once O Started Looking For It, So I Plan On Going Back Tomorrow And The Next Day For More!

Image credits: ibeasdes

Definitely Not As Impressive As Some Of The Other Clean-UPS, But I Picked Up Trash Around My Old High School Last Weekend #trashtag

Image credits: TaigaBeetle

Doing Our Part! Cleaned Up In An Hour And A Half #detrashed

Image credits: ComplexSeaweed

#trashtag We Collected All This From Our Small Beach At Kites Cove

Image credits: imgur.com

Our Contribution. We Cleaned Up This Beach In Florida!

Image credits: jackrabbit242424


Image credits: wellnesstravelled

It’s Not Much, But I Collected 8 Lbs Total Of Broken Glass From Summer Campers In My Woods. #trashtag

Image credits: 4pointingnorth

#trashtag Challenge – We Cleaned A Local Park

Image credits: lifeguy


Image credits: HaveYouSeenThatOneThing

My Aunt Is A 70 Year Old Retired School Teacher And She Has Been Making These Signs And Going Around Cleaning Up Our Neighborhood In The Bronx For A Few Months Now #trashtag

Image credits: WAYTOOMELO

Trash pickup near Quincy High

Image credits: cabadrin

#trashtag From Hungary, Let’s Make This Challenge More Viral

Image credits: Rosina_Anello

#trashtag Manila Bay Has Been Considered One Of The Dirtiest Bays Across The World. After 11 Years, The Supreme Court Finally Issued A Cleanup Order Which Thousands Of Volunteers Joined Last January 27, 2019.

Image credits: alex_lavigne

I Kayak Near Nyc And Always Pull Out Any Debris I Can. Here’s Another Haul #trashtag

Image credits: jaxomlotus

No Fancy Before/After, But One Bag Collected Within 10 Minutes Of Walking The Family Dog. Thanks For The Motivation #trashtag!

Image credits: pinker10

People Are Starting To Accept The Challenge

Image credits: qevoh

Not As Impressive As A Whole Beach But Whenever I Go Hiking I Bring A Trash Bag. This Was The Worst Mess I’ve Cleaned So Far, About 2 Years Ago

Image credits: caitlind136

#trashtag My Fiancé And His Annual Beach Cleanup. He Picks Garbage Every Year. First Year He Ended Up With 75 Contractor Bags Full. Every Year Since Is Decidedly Smaller. Last Year It Was Around 50. Buffalo Ny Lake Erie

Image credits: viciann

Here’s Mine! Cleaned Up A Creek In Asheville, Nc Collected 44 Bags Of Trash #trashtag

Image credits: ssiwakot

Me And My Schoolmate Just Did Our Parts! :) #trashtag

Image credits: FatalTalon

Last Saturday As A Club We Went And Cleaned The Beach Scheveningen Netherlands. 165 Kg Is The Result. #trashtag

Image credits: Vinnypuh5000

My Girlfriend And I Doing Our Part For #trashtag At The Beach The Other Day.

Image credits: Asparaguspisser

These People Went Above And Beyond #trashtag

Image credits: NoKarmaNoFarma

Me And A Crew Of 500 People Picking Up Trash At South Mountain Regional Park! Around 8,000 Lbs Of Trash Removed In 2 Hours! #trashtag #keepnaturewild

Image credits: tedwerd

Picking Up The Neighborhood On Our Bike Ride. #trashtag

Image credits: Aztexrose

#trashtag. South Africa

Image credits: morfen

Backpacked Into Havasupai Indian Reservation, 35+ Miles Total Over 3 Days, Carried This Bag Of Rubbish Out #trashtag

Image credits: bikefried

40 Norwegian Folk High School Students From Alta Spent One Week Picking Trash At A Local Beach, Gathering A Total Of 12,400kg! #trashtag

Image credits: Klokkestarter

Inspired By The #trashtag, My Friend And I Went Out To My Favorite Water Hole, High Rocks And Spent A Few Hours Cleaning Up Trash. Perfect Day For It And A Great Workout Too!

Image credits: Newbasaurusrex

Friend And I Took Some Time Today To Clean Our Local Park. Keep Our Bayou Clean! #trashtag

Image credits: luis244

Did Our Part Today For #trashtag While Offroading In The Mountains Of California.

Image credits: Flamewell

We’ve Picked Up Tons From Durban Beaches Over The Years #trashtag

Image credits: kingluc79

Leave The Trail Cleaner Than How You Found It! #trashtag

Image credits: madeyoulooktwice

It Wasn’t Much, But Did What I Could By The American River Trail Today #trashtag

Image credits: sdub

Its Not Much But Heres My Contribution To #trashtag #trashchallenge

Image credits: VansAndOtherMusings

#trashtag. Love Seeing This Become A Challenge! Keeping The Beaches Clean Here In Florida!

Image credits: Howells2202

#trashtag Neighborhood Trail Cleanup. Didn’t Get Pics Of Everything Bc We Didn’t Know This Was Trending! Also Featuring Rattlesnakes.

Image credits: SnapesDrapes

After I Realized How Much Karma These Submissions Were Getting, I Decided To Get My Family Out On This Nearby Shoreline To Pick Up The Trash! #trashtag

Image credits: JamesLongo

Clymer, Pennsylvania, Usa. I, Too, Chose To Go Out And Clean Up My Community Today! #trashtag

Image credits: JoshuaFnBoyer

#trashtag Koh Rong, Cambodia

Image credits: 24ofBEERMAN

We Found An Entire Shopping Cart Here In Flagstaff, Az #trashtag

Image credits: Popcornstand39

Took The Whole Sunday Morning For 10 People. But Finally Completed The #trashtag Challenge

Image credits: anksla007

#trashtag There’s An Organisation I Volunteer At And We Basically Do Cleanups Like This In The City. Places That Have Been Forgotten By The Local Government And Make Them Accessible For The Public. Peace.

Image credits: RafayMirza

#trashtag From Vietnam, Youngsters Gather Voluntarily To Clean Up The Environment And To Raise Public Awareness

Image credits: phattvdev

We Come From A Small Island Called Bahrain Where People Don’t Care About The Beaches Cleanliness. This Us Our Contribution

Image credits: iKojan

Thrilled Everyone Is Posting #trashtag – 2018 Riverkeeper Sweep, Croton Point Park, Hudson River (Ny)

Image credits: hwnn1

#trashtag We Went Around This Small Lake In Our Community (Bangalore, India) Some Time Back And Cleared The Trash In Biodegradable Trash Bags

Image credits: rubicondroid

People Have Always Called My Uncle A Hippie But Turns Out He Is Just An Og #trashtag Supporter. He Collects Trash On A Beach Near His Favourite Camping Spot That He Goes To Every Year In Summer. This Was 2018’s Haul, This Beach Is Also A Native Turtle Nesting Area.

Image credits: gtwizzy8

My Wife Isn’t On Reddit. But She Loves The Ocean And Was So Inspired By Everyone’s #trashtag Posts She Decided To Spend 15min Cleaning Up A Small Cove During Our Family Walk. Every Little Bit Counts!

Image credits: scruffylefty

Me And My Son Took An Empty Trashbag With Us On Our Walk Through The Forest. We Filled The Bag! #trashtag

Image credits: Rumpleskillsskills

Several Coworkers And I Teamed Up With Living Lands & Waters A Few Months Ago To Engage In A Local Mississippi River Cleanup (Pictured Is One Of Two Boats Filled With Garbage We Gathered In A Few Hours). They’re An Amazing Organization Dedicated To Cleaning Up Major U.s. Waterways! #trashtag

Image credits: edblje01

I’m So Happy #trashtag Is Trending. I Had The Privilege To Work Over The Summer As A ‘Trashformer’ With 4 Others Going Around Our Local Communities Picking Up Trash From May -August. It’s Defined Not Easy Work, But It’s Very Rewarding. Keep It Going! ❤👏🏻

Image credits: 00-MKZ-00

6 Year Old Cleans Up Pond For Geese #trashtag

Image credits: rundmcc

It Might Not Be As Much As Others, But Every Little Bit Helps #trashtag

Image credits: Swee_et

Cleanup Underway! Detrash, Trashtag, And All Other Cleanup Titles You Give!

Image credits: ComplexSeaweed

Had No Idea #trashtag Was A Thing Today. While Camping This Morning I Found This Bag In A Bush. I Picked Up Every Shot Gun Shell And Piece Of Trash I Could Find. Not As Much As Others But The Camp Site Looked Much Better!

Image credits: CodyLeeTheTree

Twenty Minutes At The End Of The Day. Paying It Forward #trashtag

Image credits: Twunts

Picked Up Some Things From A Lake Near My Neighborhood, Its The Little Things That Count. #trashtag

Image credits: Sirloid2

I Didn’t Get Myself In This 6ish Year Old Picture, But Here’s Some Cleanup I Did After Going To A Beach To Drink And Getting Angry About The Litter There. #trashtag #cleanupchallenge

Image credits: VelourFog10

Local Tibet Mongolian Buddhist Monks On Their Annual Cleanup Of Bloomington Indiana County Roads Near Their Temple. #trashtag #bestneighbor

Image credits: FritzPatrick

Glad To See #trashtag Is Trending, Did This In My Town Back In 2008 With Some Friends

Image credits: 3ggsnbakey

Many Hands Make Light Work. #trashtag

Image credits: Ojash5

Here Is My #trashtag. Every Year There Is A Huge Beach Clean Up On Padre Island National Seashore. This Year 1400 Volunteers Cleaned Up Over 75 Tons Of Trash.

Image credits: FizzyDuncDizzel

It Took Me About 2 Hours To Collect These Recyclables This Afternoon. #trashtag

Image credits: kms5624

This Is 2 Of The 3 Trailer Loads That Myself Along With A Fantastic Group Of People Pulled Out Of The Tauwhanu Reserve In Auckland, Nz On Saturday In The Middle Of A Storm. #trashtag

Image credits: JPfreak

Challenge Accepted! #trashtag From Canada

Image credits: clarkey16

#trashtag My Eagle Scout Project From Last Year! Took A Whole Day With Nearly 20 People. Dayton, Oh, Usa

Image credits: RCX42

Manukan Island, Malaysia. #trashtag

Image credits: Fiftyfish

We Did Our Part At The Park #trashtag

Image credits: AlexW4200

Even Small Cleanups Count – 154kg From A Park Nearby #trashtag

Image credits: martinsuchan

Cleaning Up The Florida Springs! Thank You @kingsofthesprings For Coordinating This Event! #trashtag #floridasprings

Image credits: DrHoneyDanie

I’m A Bike Messenger In Seattle, Washington. Business Is Slow In The Winter So I Circle Lake Union Between Deliveries And Pick Up Trash

Image credits: Douglas_furr

Wilson Arch, Utah Clean Up

Image credits: phillmonson

5 Hours, 10 Bags, And Est. 300 Pounds Of Trash.

Image credits: TheOriginOfSymmetry

Weekly Beach Cleanup On Isla Holbox, México

Image credits: hartwerger

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