[Trending] Shelter Rescues 11 Dogs Who Were Living Under Horrible Conditions And Only Ate Bread

The internet is filled with terrifying stories about poor animals suffering from all kinds of horrible animal abuse. There is no doubt cruel...

The internet is filled with terrifying stories about poor animals suffering from all kinds of horrible animal abuse. There is no doubt cruelty towards any living thing shouldn’t be tolerated, and we should all take the time to do anything in our power to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Unfortunately, some people try to help animals but their living conditions are just not good enough to give the animals everything they need. So before you take any animal into your care, make sure you are able to give them everything they need and deserve.

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A shelter in Lithuania received a message about a lady that lives in a house with a hoard of dogs

The Bored Panda team contacted the shelter and received an exclusive interview as well as footage for the story on this woman and her neglected dogs.

When shelter volunteers came to the house they were shocked to find not 1 or two, but 11 dogs running around

In an interview with Bored Panda, Živilė, one of the volunteers, explained the situation: “We got an email from elderly woman’s neighbors, they noticed that there’s a big problem in their neighborhood. This elder lady has a lot of dogs and they are all in very bad condition because she, apparently, just doesn’t have money to feed them. So they are all super skinny. ”

The lady only fed her dogs white bread because she couldn’t afford anything else, and failed to walk them.

When the volunteers brought real food the dogs went absolutely wild

The owner was surprised at first, by the visit and didn’t really understand the problem, but when the real food was brought, the lady started crying. She told the shelter that before her husband passed away, he used to take care of the dogs the old-fashioned way, but when the owner lost her husband she was too sensitive to kill the dogs so they started piling up until she completely lost control.

It later became clear that the owner didn’t have any heating in her house so they were living in freezing conditions during the winter. Turns out the owner actually had an apartment in the city with heating but she was not able to live there because of the 11 puppies that were in her care.

The shelter decided to take all of the puppies and even help the woman move to an apartment

Since there were so many new dogs to take care of, volunteers had to take the weakest dogs at first and then a couple of weeks later they arrived to take the rest, while the dogs stayed at their old house they were given proper dog food to get better.

Now the puppies have received a second chance at life with new owners that can properly take care of them

Almost every dog has been adopted even though most of them had problems with their mental and physical health. Unfortunately, a few puppies stayed at the shelter, they were so affected by their previous living conditions that they have become scared of people which makes adoption difficult. Despite that, the shelter says they have no problem with taking care of the puppies for the rest of their lives. If you would like to chip in on the shelter’s efforts to help animals like these 11 pups, you can donate by clicking here.

Check out our video if you want to learn more about this story!

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