[Trending] Man Sets Up Secret Camera To Record His Cat At Night And Catches Some Epic Purr-anormal Activity

Cats love to lounge around. They take ‘cat naps’ all throughout the day sleeping 12 to 16 hours – but what about at night? You may not know...

Cats love to lounge around. They take ‘cat naps’ all throughout the day sleeping 12 to 16 hours – but what about at night? You may not know this, but cats are actually nocturnal animals. Sure they adjust their sleep patterns a bit to match those of their owners, but on the whole nighttime is when they like to come out and play.

A cat owner in Thailand wanted to know just what kind of shenanigans his pet was getting into at night so he set up a camera to record his pet while he slumbered. As you might imagine he caught some pretty cute purr-anormal activity, as his furry companion stood watch of his sleeping body.

This cat owner in Bangkok, Thailand set-up cameras to watch his cat at night

Facebook user Lomphonten Lomphontan, uploaded nighttime cam shots of his cat watching over him to the Thai Facebook group ‘Cat Lovers Club.’   As you can see he was able to catch some pretty purr-fect shots.

Cat’s are descendants of the African wildcat – a mostly nocturnal animal. The domestication of cats have made their activity patterns more diurnal (awake in the day) like ours, however, most cats will still wake at least twice if not more at night… as you can see here.

This Facebook user isn’t the only ‘curious cat’ who wanted to know what felines are up to at night. Researchers at the University of Georgia placed small cameras on 55 cats in the Atlanta area and then studied more than 37 hours of footage to identify trends. Just like their ancestors, 44% of these outdoor cats hunted for wildlife, 85% of these captures occurred during the warmer seasons.

Whether they are indoor or outdoor you’ve probably heard cats make the most noise at night with yowling sounds. These cries can be due to a number of reasons: old age, stress, medical problems or just plain boredom (this happens especially in indoor cats that didn’t have enough play time).

If your cat is disrupting your sleep at night there are several different suggestions. Just like you would with kids try to tire your cat out closer to the evening with play sessions. Try feeding your cat before bedtime, as they usually tend to sleep after eating a big meal.

It is important to note that even though your cat loves you they can unintentional injure you at night. A cat may notice an eye moving underneath the eyelid and swat at it in a playful move. Sadly, it may be best for you to lock them out of the bedroom for a more peaceful night’s rest.

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