[Trending] “An Incomplete List Of The Animals My Grandpa Brought Home Over The Course Of 67-Year Marriage To Grandma”

Marriage, where you promise to be there through sickness and health, bad times and good and in the case of this married couple – through lot...

Marriage, where you promise to be there through sickness and health, bad times and good and in the case of this married couple – through lots and lots of pets. Many of us have had the surprise animal experience where our significant other brought home the dog you both “agreed” you didn’t have the time to take care of, or maybe it was one of your children bringing home a stray kitten they found that you just couldn’t say no to, well the man in this post has all of those stories beat. Trust us after reading about this menagerie of crazy pets maybe you will realize saying yes to that turtle doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Image credits: Katie Cook (not the actual photo)

Tumblr user gallusrostromegalus, a 28-year-old author, shared a list of the animals their grandpa had brought home over the course of his 67-year marriage, and while the list tells one wild story, it’s still an incomplete list of all the critters they hosted.

  • Annabell, a solid white and completely deaf pit bull that used to let mom draw on her belly
  • The World’s Ugliest Tom Cat, who turned out to be the cuddliest teddy bear of an animal
  • Cocker spaniel named “Captain”
  • Stupid, the Cat
  • Litter of baby raccoons
  • Three more cats
  • A completely bald and extremely anxious canary that sang beautifully, but only at 4 AM
  • Baby Squirrel that grew up in the house and then refused to move out
  • A Genuine Thoroughbred Racehorse who was a spectacular athlete but had a habit of running races in the wrong direction. Benny turned out to be a terrific trail horse instead.
  • Turtle
  • Snapping Turtle
  • A bucket full of 43 goldfish left over from the fair. Mom counted once they were all in the bathtub in the backyard with the snapping turtle.
  • Another cocker spaniel named “Major”, who had the tremendous talent of eating green beans silently
  • Red-tailed hawk he found on the highway, and successfully nursed back to health and released.
  • Dummy, Son of Stupid
  • Strange, the dog that lived under the porch and only came into the house at night.
  • An “abandoned” baby deer.
  • Spooky, an alleged dog.
  • Joey the parakeet whose tricks were
    1. drinking tea out of a tiny cup
    2. threatening to peck out people’s eyes
    3. wearing hats
  • A Really Big Toad he found behind the factory, because the other auto workers were discussing using it for target practice. Mr. Grumpity was guardian of the rosebed for several years and granny’s (his mother) favorite animal he ever brought home.
  • Gretchen, a St. Bernard that had to be shaved from her prior owner’s neglect, and spent a week hiding from sight with such success in the house that they thought she’d run away.
  • Arson, Burglary and Murder, three frankly adorable little kittens. They did not change the names, much to the regret of the cop who lived three doors down.
  • Yet another Cocker Spaniel, named “Colonel”
  • Cardinal (bird)
  • Canada Goose (Demon)
  • Once in the nursing home, he had a “pet” 12-point whitetail buck that would come to his window to be fed corn and get headskritches, inexplicably named “Florence”

The marriage only ended because their time on earth did. He never kept an animal Grandma wouldn’t allow and if anything she was worse about it. She was the one who brought home a tarantula.

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