[Trending] I Draw Comics Based On Real-Life Incidents And Conversations (40 Pics)

Comics have fascinated me since a young age (I’m still young). Copies of Garfield, Tinkle, Archie’s, family Circus and few others serve a pl...

Comics have fascinated me since a young age (I’m still young). Copies of Garfield, Tinkle, Archie’s, family Circus and few others serve a pleasant dose of nostalgia in my shelf. When I joined Instagram, I came across comic strips by artists like Sarah Andersen and Cassandra Calin. The quality, humor and the degree to which I could relate to them fascinated me. I kept thinking: “These are really cool! I wish I too could draw like them!”

I didn’t have an Arts degree (well, I still don’t) and I was terrible with doodling. I did draw portraits of my friends, so I was not new to drawing but penciling straight out of my mind…That scared me! How do people do that!? Surely one must have an Arts degree to do that! But I guess not.

I finally took the step to try out doodling after being inspired by a friend’s artwork. It was a terrible start but over the weeks I started getting better at it. I created my first comic on paper and shared it online and got a small amount of positive feedback which was more than enough to drive me to continue drawing.

I then focused on saving up to buy myself a laptop and a pen tablet since I wanted to digitize the few comics I’d created. Once I got that done, I started drawing digitally to finally create artwork with smooth line work and color.

Soon my comics began to get a better response on Instagram. I got reposts from popular comic pages and I watched as my account grew slowly. It has been like that ever since.

I draw comics that depict my everyday life. I figured, why pen down words in a diary when I can record life in comics and share them with the world? Most of my comics are based on real-life incidents or conversations; the others are products of my stray thoughts conjuring amusing situations. I avoid giving any of the characters a name because I want people to relate to them.

It’s been over a year now and my page has grown and my artwork has improved. Here are my comics that have gone viral at some point of time on Instagram or Facebook. Have fun reading!

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Cake is my weakness

When you’re dieting and it’s finally cheat day!

It’s all about the money money

When you are hungry

When they buy something new

The main reason why things don’t work out in my life

Trying to impress your crush like

Is it just me though?

Wish me it’s my birthday!

When you have too many passwords

Texts from bae

People like this

But I will still buy them!

I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m anything but motivated

You don’t need it, he said

Why do guys have perfect eyelashes when they don’t even need it?

Give me a bite

Anyone else in the same boat?

I can’t even explain how much I hate ants


Cheers to the chair!

We forgive but never forget

Dedicated to the ticklish

Trying to impress your crush like

Socializing is hard

Just Mom things

Did someone say sale?!


She may not say it but she believes it

We read minds

I’m a potato!

Dedicated to the loud ones

The struggle is real

When you get to know them

It’s not just a dream!

Just for laughs


Lies, lies, everywhere

Stylists’ advice

My life summed up

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