[Trending] French Photographer Makes A UV Photography Series That Reveals The Impact Left By The Sun On People’s Skins

Pierre-Louis Ferrer picked up photography back in 2006 whilst studying electronic engineering and optical sensors. “In 2012, I began to lear...

Pierre-Louis Ferrer picked up photography back in 2006 whilst studying electronic engineering and optical sensors. “In 2012, I began to learn about infrared photography, a niche technique that allowed me to extend the spectrum of my photographs to a world invisible to the naked eye. I am experimenting a lot with this poorly documented technique. I offer an alternative vision of my environment, borrowed from fantasy and mystery,” says the photographer.

Ever since then, he has been working on UV shooting techniques that could be applied to people to reveal the impact of the environment left on their skins. And since three years ago, Ferrer has been dedicating himself completely to his own photography projects, having quit his job as an engineer.

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Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

The author comments that BRUT (RAW) is a photography project comprising of twenty photographs divided into ten diptychs (a painting or carving on two panels hinged like a book). The main goal of the series is to illustrate the raw character of the human being, made possible by the technique of ultraviolet photography.


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Each entry of the series consists of two sides. One is meant to show a portrait of a human being devoid of any ornaments, and the other – a more abstract complement – a close-up detail of their bodies.


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

”Here, no place is given to the alteration of reality. The photographs break the barriers of the skin to reveal the true appearance of each subject, immutable and unfalsifiable. The result is a succession of portraits where sensitivity prevails over plastic beauty, questioning the notion of real and perceived image.”


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Each model delivers an intimate view of themselves to the viewer – something they can not perceive themselves. This relationship of intimacy and trust stands in stark contrast to our society.


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

If you wish to acquire a copy of a photograph, here are some things to bear in mind. Each photograph in this series is limited to 12 copies only. Each print is signed, numbered and certified by the artist. Each diptych is inseparable: the corresponding work takes the form of two art prints integrated into a black double window mat and framed by a black aluminum frame. Each of the two prints composing a diptych is printed in 49x35cm for a total frame of 90x60cm. For more info, visit photographer’s website linked above.


Image credits: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

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