[Trending] Dog Has A Stomach Disorder So Her Owners Built Her A Special Chair So She Could Eat

Dogs are a man’s best friend, right? They’re always there to cheer you up on a bad day, always there to do something silly that never fails ...

Dogs are a man’s best friend, right? They’re always there to cheer you up on a bad day, always there to do something silly that never fails to make you laugh, and, of course, they’re always there for a snack. It’s small wonder that dog videos are ever popular on the internet with a wide variety to choose from, ranging from hilarious wholesome. Lately, a gif of one pup has been making rounds on social media sites garnering attention from people. It shows a dog getting into what looks like a chair for a small animal to receive a bowl of food. The caption below the gif reads “this dog has a digestive issue so his family made him a chair so that he can actually eat”.

The dog needs to sit in a special chair because of a stomach disorder called megaesophagus

Image credits: Grace Jones

The dog in question is actually Daisy, Doug and Grace Jones’ beloved pet. A few years ago, Daisy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called myasthenia gravis. The disease causes various degrees of skeletal muscle weakness. The vet believed that this ailment led to Daisy’s megaesophagus, a disorder that causes an enlarged esophagus which makes it difficult for the dog to eat food and drink water as the esophagus struggles to push the food and liquids down into the stomach.

Image credits: Grace Jones

That’s why the veterinarian informed the family that they’d have to use a special mechanism called Bailey Chair to help Daisy out with her meals. The family quickly got to building their pet a chair, making it as comfortable as possible, since Daisy would need to eat all her meals and sit in it for a while afterward.

Image credits: Grace Jones

As dogs are often motivated by food, luckily, Daisy loved the chair and quickly learned how to use it, even going as far as lowering the little tray with her own paws. Every day, when it would be time for her to have a meal, Daisy would hop into the chair with no problem. Not only had she learned how to live with the disorder, Daisy also seemed to have enjoyed her time.

Image credits: Grace Jones

Unfortunately, Daisy’s owner, Grace, shared a heartbreaking message back in June. On a Facebook group titled “Upright Canine Brigade – Megaesophagus Awareness and Support” Jones broke the news of Daisy’s passing:

“It’s taken me a couple of weeks to be able to write this. My Daisy passed away on Christmas Eve morning. We are heartbroken. We are grateful to have had 16 additional months with her after her diagnosis and are grateful for the suggestions and support we received from this group. My vet has her chair which will be used by a local pup.”

Image credits: Grace Jones

Daisy, however, is not the only dog with such an issue, as there are plenty of other critters who have to rely on Bailey Chair in order to survive. There are plenty of support and shelter groups and even instructions on how to make a chair for a dog with megaesophagus, all there to help out pups with digestive issues!

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Watch the video below of a puppy eating in a Bailey Chair

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