[Trending] 30 Everyday Objects Cut In Half Show What They Are Made Of

If you were one of those hands-on children, who would cut in half their new toys just to see what’s inside – this list is for you. Bored Pan...

If you were one of those hands-on children, who would cut in half their new toys just to see what’s inside – this list is for you. Bored Panda already did a list on how common objects look from unusual perspectives – but this time, we’re making the list solely on things that are cross-sectioned. There are number of random objects about which we were all wondering “what if I’d cut it open just to see what’s hiding within?” Well, you can put away your knife and scissors now as there are people around the world who have already done it and took pictures of it so that you don’t have to. Everything from bullets to hockey helmets, from pearls to baseballs – we’ve got it covered in this extensive list. Scroll down below to see the photos for yourself and don’t forget to vote for those, which you liked the most.



Old style Zippo Lighter

CT Scanner

Turtle shell

Gun silencers

Leica Lens

Dirt Bike Tyre

A hockey helmet

Rattle snake rattle

A hockey helmet

A typewriter

Old style Zippo lighter

CT Scanner

A turtle shell

Gun silencers

Leica lens

Dirt bike tyre

Rattle snake rattle

Human heart

Rabbit burrow


Range Rover



Banana tree stem


Shanxi Chinese type 17 handgun

American Bison

Military tank

Porcelain toilet

Bowling ball

Canon camera lens

Colt 45 gun


Airsoft electric gun

Under sea cable


Wasp nest

Mercedes airbag inside steering

Hand grenade

Humpback whale

Bamboo stem


MLB baseball

Tree fern cross section

Image credits: RyanSmith

Standard sink tap

Image credits: TheBX

Seawater valve used for firefighting aboard ships

Image credits: CDR_KEEN

Vaccine container (the “Keg of Life”)

Cross-section of poppy capsule

Image credits: RyanSmith

Mechanical calculator

Image credits: kymray

1953 Corvette

Image credits: Sheepwader

Winchester 1873 lever action rifle

Image credits: codyfirearmsmuseum

40mm High Explosive and High Explosive Dual Purpose grenades

Image credits: jaykirsch

‘Lasagna’ style bulb planting

Image credits: commoninja352


Image credits: rustedsorrows232

Mammoth tusk cross section

Image credits: BetaKeyTakeaway

Sectioned fire-tube boiler from a DRB Class 50 locomotive

Image credits: Wikipedia Commons

Section of Golden Gate Bridge cable

Image credits: jaykirsch

Ammonite fossil from Madagascar

Image credits: Judelinn


Image credits: speckz

Subsea oilfield control umbilical

Image credits: Tony3696

Fukang meteorite

Image credits: SovreignTripod

Control linkage on a North American T-6 Texan trainer aircraft

Image credits: Wikipedia Commons

Dassault Mirage F1

Image credits: BestioleRaccoon

Simulation to what happens when a small space debris object hits a spacecraft

Image credits: Cropitekus

Rock in New Zealand

Image credits: pitcher654

‘Cluster Bomb Unit-24’ (CBU-24) unguided aircraft-delivered weapon containing 665 fragmentaton bomblets

Image credits: jaykirsch

‘Mark Twain Tree’ sequoia section with historical notations from year 550 to 1891

Image credits: jaykirsch

Source: BoredPanda


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